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Posted: Jun 10, 2017 @ 5:52pm

A fun, challenging programming game, with some smart design decisions (e.g., code must literally fit in the boxes). There is enough story to keep things interesting without getting in the way, and enough challenge to make the 100% completion feel earned.

The sort of thinking required reminds me of Manufactoria -- interesting resource constraints give you an excuse to use horrific but strangely elegant algorithms. And, perhaps moreso than Manufactoria, progression involves discovering and refining useful primitives. The way I was using the TIS when I completed the game was decidely more elegant, quirkier, and hackier than during the first few puzzles.

For me, Spacechem felt like work, while this feels like fun.

NOTE: Like most puzzle games, my playtime reflects a lot of having the game running while doing other things.
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