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I appreciate it when games do things differently, and this does. I definitely agree with the blind playthrough suggestions, also also strongly suggest you take the content warnings seriously.
Posted January 3.
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Somewhat more frustrating than Doom 2016, but overall enjoyable. A very Quentin-Tarentino-ish vibe.
Posted November 19, 2017.
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A fun, challenging programming game, with some smart design decisions (e.g., code must literally fit in the boxes). There is enough story to keep things interesting without getting in the way, and enough challenge to make the 100% completion feel earned.

The sort of thinking required reminds me of Manufactoria -- interesting resource constraints give you an excuse to use horrific but strangely elegant algorithms. And, perhaps moreso than Manufactoria, progression involves discovering and refining useful primitives. The way I was using the TIS when I completed the game was decidely more elegant, quirkier, and hackier than during the first few puzzles.

For me, Spacechem felt like work, while this feels like fun.

NOTE: Like most puzzle games, my playtime reflects a lot of having the game running while doing other things.
Posted June 10, 2017.
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A pretty game, with a clever conceit.

It all feels very staged, though. the levels by and large feel like checklists, as if the designers sat down and wrote out what you would do in each platforming section without adapting for how the mechanic plays. The exception is the section at the end of the lighthouse, where the game actually begins to flow together nicely.

The game is riddled with weird collision behavior. In one instance [during the clocktower] I was able to move a light cart in such a way that it could not be moved again, which would have been a soft lock except for some climbable scenery and abuse of the dash mechanic.

Shorter than many games, but probably about the right length, given that the shadow platforming mechanic seems to not have a lot of depth to it.
Posted July 1, 2016.
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Very enjoyable; I'm glad I finally got around to playing it. I did require a guide for a few of the hidden achivements, and found an interesting glitch relating to vault doors, but both of those things happened after a complete playthrough.
Posted June 26, 2016.
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Stephen's Sausage Roll takes Sokoban and adds a hefty dose of mechanical complexity to pretty much every part of the formula. The changes both extend and limit the player's abilities in ways that are extensively -- but not exaustively -- explored by the game.

Like many good puzzle games, this one is best played until frustrated, then left alone for a while, and returned to. I did make it through without hints or walkthroughs, though after getting stuck on a relatively early level I considered writing a planner. In the end, setting the game down and picking it up again over the course of a week got me moving again.

Generally, the levels that I found most troublesome were ones where a new mechanic was possible to use but not required to finish the level; I'd find myself focusing on using the newly available mechanic rather than solving without it.

As in "English Country Tune" there are a few somewhat exhausting levels (that is, levels where the solution is clear but the execution takes a fair bit of time). But, in "Stephen's Sausage Roll" I found that generally the execution was less daunting than I feared.
Posted June 10, 2016.
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This is a reasonably challenging exploration/puzzle game; it can occasionally be frustratingly easy. Otherwise, nicely well-realized, does a good job of explaining itself.
I was able to fully complete the puzzles and achievements without reference to external sources. I did end up using an FAQ for the location of the one audio log I was missing. I found the audio log scavenger hunt the most annoying aspect of the game.
Posted April 9, 2016.
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Another enjoyable Batman romp; I can reccomend it at the $10-$15 price point.

There are certainly segments (at least playing to 100% quest completion with no upgrades) that feel a bit unfair and/or grind-y. On the other hand, I guess that's what passes for challenge these days.

The previous installment was slightly better.
Posted January 2, 2015.
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A reasonably compelling environmental narrative; it is interesting that the most realistic characters in video games seem to be those that are absent.
Posted July 13, 2014.
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