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Anyone still play the game?
I also met this weird bug, already clicked everything , talked anyone, got the suger candy, but the girl still no balloon:steamsad:
I've finish every boss and run'n gun, beat the king dice and devil, all 4 lists checked

anyone knows what I miss ?

btw there is only one item in the pig shop bcz lack of coins, is this the reason ?
Oct 5, 2017 @ 7:26pm
In topic How many times have you died?
how can i see the death number ?
Jul 18, 2017 @ 8:08am
In topic Transistor Original Soundtrack Extended!
@reverendloc: Hi, dear devs, I bought soundtrack on last sale, can I get a lossness format / flac soundtrack ? have sent a ticket via your official site's Contact Us page, looking forward to hear good news, thanks:togsmile:
Just like entering the ant nest, awesome. And hallownest is unknown for outside according to the comic. So the map system is very suitable for HK IMHO:steamhappy:
Feb 24, 2017 @ 7:52am
In topic Kickstarter Question.
I think hollow knight will be my best game got from all my previous KS campaign so far, and it raised least money among them. Actually I am a bit of touched.

Because most I got from KS are bad and mediocre things, I won't touch any KS/Crowd funding campaign in the future, espeacially video games. For example , first disappointment is Skyline's Bedlam, most of stretch goals are cut, all promised DLC are cut, I'm so stupid to put a AAA game money for nothing. Another is That Which Sleeps, a total scam, never saw the actual play or test videos even alpha state for years. Is there good game from KS ? yes like shovel knight, pillars of eternity, sunless sea, but most of others , no.

Now hollow knight will be launched in 2 hours. My tier don't have beta, but I saw someone play the peek from HIB month, all I want to say is GREAT! And I have got my digital reward , the comic , the OST are beautiful and high quality. I hope HK will be a big success for devs, bcz they are deserved.
Jan 13, 2017 @ 4:47pm
In topic Game ABANDONED
Originally posted by WRTCoyot:
Originally posted by SkyshineJeff:
Yes, the game is complete. Are there a few minor issues, yes. Every game has issues. Are these issues game killers; NO! I feel even with these minor bugs, this game delivers!!

Now that is a nice way of saying "Yup,the game was hyped on Kickstarer,we promised to deliver tons of stuff,but you won't get it-because the game is complete.And yeah,we don't care anymore about bugs,quite disbalanced combat system etc."

Can't consider myself a hater,I did support this game and I did wait for all of the awesome stuff you guys promised(Dozers upgrades,Sultan Mojo's dungeon etc.)
So,wish you luck for your next projects.

I won't touch anything involved with any dev from them, avoiding them like a plague.
Jan 13, 2017 @ 4:43pm
In topic Game ABANDONED
Originally posted by SkyshineJeff:
Yes, the game is complete. Are there a few minor issues, yes. Every game has issues. Are these issues game killers; NO! I feel even with these minor bugs, this game delivers!!

Really?! I put 65 dollars on kickstarter for supporting you because u promised there will be more awesome things coming and now nothing happened, more ridiculously, the game became a free gift from ign later. I even can't get the soundtracks on steam. I ask my reasonable refund via KS message and comments, no reply.

When seeing ur "that" update, I edited my original positive recommend to negotive, warning my friends to watch out.

Yep, good jobs for this "complete" ♥♥♥♥ game:steamfacepalm:
Agreed, I love CYE , it has some magic to have me buy bag's DLC without delay~
And Red Haze is free ?!
I'm very surprised when knowing it on store page.
Now it is coming in 10 days:steamhappy: Spreading the words!:steamwings:
Originally posted by Atomicdomb:
Originally posted by .:|tås|:. Wildcard777:
Friends list is full again. Try raising your steam level. Expands your friends list by 5 people per lv.

You can just add yourself to this google doc and then I will get to you once I'm done with everyone on my friend-list (so you don't have to wait until you can add me).

I have added my info, thx for the sharing your new games~ love isaac my most playing time on steam
Oct 11, 2016 @ 2:31am
In topic Free Steam Key Giveaway
WoW, thanks for this great giveaway~

My reason is simple like I said before in your previous thread , hope I am that lucky guy:togsmile:
Oct 8, 2016 @ 3:09am
In topic What to do with Steam key
1. giveaway ur steam key to a lucky guy, or send it to the friend

2. open a refund ticket of the game on steam support page, which u bought via steam store(play time must < 2hours), wait refund, ur game will disappear from your steam library, then u can use ur steam key from physical copy.
Oct 7, 2016 @ 6:40am
In topic I feel so stupid

don't know if there is difference from demo and gold version

plate is no useful it's just for story, and don't forget to get that comic book on 1st floor.
Oct 7, 2016 @ 5:05am
In topic Question about the puzzles in demo. Spoilers?
Originally posted by Rathlon Tobias Riverwind:
How did you get the elevator doors to open?
I'm stuck when you gain control of your character, and I'm stuck at the control panel part in the demo.

As to the elevator door, if u mean the one on 1st floor, you can open it after listening all script text, no need of control panel, by which you open locked doors on 2nd floor.

@Deep_wolf's way is the fastest method, if u want to know the real trick of the control panel, trying to input like a b c d e f g, in the control panel on 1st floor, then u will know the password's secret on 2nd floor, it is very easy to see.
Aug 8, 2016 @ 8:11am
In topic Bug Reports
Originally posted by BattleDonut:
Downloaded the demo and I would suggest to make the intro skippable, I couldn't seem to skip it no matter what I pressed (ESC, space bar, enter, etc.)

Yep, but only for the 1st time starting game, you can skip it next time if u quit the game via ctrl+f4:D:
im intrested too ~~~:reah:
Apr 20, 2016 @ 7:50am
In topic giving away a free copy of healer dlc
if RNG magic is still here, I'm in~
Originally posted by BrownPants:
On the wall to the right of the radio there is a piece of paper you can look at that has a bunch of radio freqs and 16 is circled in red

sharp eye :steamhappy:

Just for my curiosity, where did you find the clue that correct radio frequency is "16" ?

I didn't know the answer until I saw it mentioned on a post in another thread yesterday. I kept trying one by one , but I found every time the 3rd tring caused Leonard's sudden death.
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