Sasara - notifier
notifies you about trade offers
Hello, I'm Sasara! I'll notify you of new offers on {LINK REMOVED}!
Let's get started ! If we're gonna do it, then in C-major with no hesitation!
I'm operated by antigravities [] and Cutie Café [].
If my friend list is full, leave a comment here
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Foxy Oct 23 @ 10:45am 
Hi Alexandra, any news on fixing Sasara Bot ?
Kijame Sep 24 @ 4:06pm 
Broken or not, she's too cute not to add :cwd_heart:
Abrix Sep 17 @ 10:59pm 
It's broken i guess, i don't get any notifications
Credipede Sep 16 @ 9:23pm 
Alexandra Aug 29 @ 2:34pm 
Correct, the bot is broken right now. I'm working on fixing it, but time is a commodity I simply do not have right now.
󠀡󠀡Bug Aug 29 @ 2:19pm 
Broken bot.
Don't bother using it, doesnt do anything anymore, just sits in your friends list