iv drug user
That comment, was so rude and inconsiderate, that I feel pain from my head to my bowels. I feel the overwhelming sense of Emptiness and paint that the person next to me can feel it. I think this comment has made me decide, I think, when I come home from school next week, that I am going to grab some ropes in my garage, and hang myself on the ceiling fan in my room. I hope you're happy, that "clever" little comment of yours just killed someone, and it's all your fault. I hope you regret what you said, so much that you feel shock waves of dread pulsing through your body, and you feel my pain secondhand, I hope you think about this until the day you die, because you now have blood on your hands. This little disgusting act of yours will not go unnoticed, in fact, as we're speaking right now, I contacted the police, and told them that I am committing suicide, and told them it's all thanks to you, in fact, they're tracking you down right now, and getting ready to arrest you, and you will be tried for murder, and you will go to prison. Enjoy yourself, killer.
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dulab Oct 22, 2022 @ 7:34pm 
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