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yu so fuccing percious wehn u smike :o
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I√an Mar 29 @ 2:57am 
oh look, the guy who got triggered because his entire team was having fun in a minigame while he was too competetive, and he somehow felt an urgent need to all chat and flame his team for "not being good at the game" enough, and even thou everyone in the freaking server told you "get a life kid" and "for fuck sake it's just a minigame", he still took the time to went to everyone's profile and trashtalk. well done man, i'm sure you make humanity proud <3
Orjon Mar 28 @ 9:14am 
Go back to fuckinig legend rank. 3k trash
ChickenJax_ Feb 9 @ 10:11pm 
thank you ivan for having chinese new year which allows us to have a holiday from school!

TurtleKicks Feb 8 @ 11:34pm 
Hey IDIOT,Don;t GO PLAY AOV IDIOT,Don;t play DOTTA,because dotta playuse brain,and you NOTHING BRAIN!
I√an Feb 8 @ 6:46pm 
hope you die peacefully turtle
TurtleKicks Feb 7 @ 1:29am 
I legitimately want to die. This is not some sort of edgy meme or joke, I actually want to kill myself and end my pitiful existence. Nobody out there actually cares about me and if I told anyone they'd freak out in the worst way possible or tell me to go away. I am an absolute failure and I hate almost everybody I know, leading to an even worse life. If I had enough money I would hire a hitman to kill me so I wouldn't have to kill myself. Everything I have ever done, ever said, or ever will do or say is terrible. Please delete me from existence.