Iulian   Constanta, Romania
Welcome to my profile :B1:

"Ocean man, take me by the hand take me to the land, that you understand"

Here, get some salt :steamsalty: . BUT DON'T EAT ME MAN :e_chiken:

If I don't respond to some messages, it means I'm busy.

An info box
What am I? A chiken :Quack_Quack_Boom:

Name: Iulian
Birthday: 25 August
Currently Moderator on's [] DeathRun server
Also currently Admin on's [] Versus Saxton Hale server

The other servers:
-Jump Rush

The's discord server []
Most of the time I listen to music, so here's my Youtube playlist

Favorite games: Team Fortress 2, Portal 1/2, CS:GO, Fifa, Hitman, Half-Life 1/2 etc.

I do SFM stuff.

My discord: ChiKen#2799

End of my part in the info box :cozybethesda:

My sister's part of the box (she's also using this account sometimes for SFM posters/animations)

Name: Iacob Irina
Age: 14
Birthday: 7 October

Also does SFM stuff.

To be continued...?

-If you try to scam me or steal my stuff in any other way, you'll never talk to me or see me again.

(info box inspired from Leon and ENDY :lunar2019piginablanket: )
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✘ ßogdan ✘ Aug 27 @ 5:48am 
He protecc

He attacc

But most importantly

He gives heart attacc
And eats a potato snacc

- Light
Osmyyz #rol Aug 26 @ 1:09pm 
cam tarziu dar e ok :).
La multi ani gaina
Leon Aug 25 @ 1:52pm 
One last happy bday before the day ends :^)
Reptile Aug 25 @ 12:06pm 
La multi ani ChiKen :HuntressDragon:
YOSken [bday in 8 days] Aug 5 @ 1:43pm 
Bobox.msi Jul 31 @ 7:44am 
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Omaie wa
Mo shindeiru