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DOUGH away from my LOAFile. I DONUT want you here, so leave before I start huffin' and MUFFIN'. Okay I just knead to inhale and PREZTALE and maybe just go watch some BAKING BREAD, or maybe The Walking BREAD. Nah, I actually think I'm just gonna go play some BREADrising. Anyways if you're still here and you want to stay send me a PUMPERNICKEL over Paypal or something. Since these jokes are probably STALE and I'm CRUSTY with punny puns (No BUN intended) I think I'll SLICE myself out of your JAM...

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Almost 300 hours of play on Steam, and another couple hundred on various consoles. If you're looking for a nice rogue-like rpg with a lot of rng and tons of wacky, zany item combinations then look no further. The Binding of Isaac is a fantastic game that has real time and effort put into making it fun, even when it's really frustrating. Lots of synergies, items, and other things to explore in this game, do yourself a favor and pick it up and be ready for a weirdly dark, but also fun experience!

I'm high as ♥♥♥♥ rn
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