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I think... it's time for me to go
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I have crippling depression
Serious Update and Such:
It was great playing with y'all. Believe me, all of you guys on my friends list have helped me in some way or another, and I'm really thankful. Unfortunately... I"ll be busy with work and school that I'm not sure if I can hop on to just play with the boys on counter strike. I'll be back... maybe one day... but I guess... see you then ~

Hey there friend,
I know you've been having some troubles lately,
Be the person I know you can be,
Don't leave anything up to chance,
I believe in you pal,
WE all believe in you,
Ur a winner kiddo. Don't you ever forget it
- Motivational Lizard

The sun, the moon, the stars
Shine less brightly with you so far
I never knew sorrow
'til you asked me to follow my heart
For all the tales I told
And these whispers of silver and gold
I'd throw them all away
To gaze on your face once more
One more time
- Æther Realm

Why do I yearn for love?
You yearn for it because you’re a soul that spreads the love around and a kind heart needs some caring and love reciprocated back. But, don’t yearn for it and start loving yourself, your heavy heart will feel great and loved.

Love yourself the way you picture others to love you. That’s the best form of motivation to get through with life, people are temporary and you are the constant one who has been there through all events. Spread the love that you’re sharing with others but be kind to yourself and do things that make you happy. You will truly feel loved.

Don’t wait for people to come and things to happen, do what you want and love will orchestrate itself once you’re full of life and love for yourself.

Server Experience
Mod Experience: Currently senior admin on Gloveworks AWP/RGA arena, ex-admin on blackmarke7, ex-admin on SNG, ez-admin on tf2 servers :)
Server Management Experience: Helped set up awp server on the US (no longer part of the project), helped blackmarke7 manage server, helped 7mau server

About Me:
Name : Aaron
Location : Taichung, Taiwan (Morrison Academy Taichung)
About me : Male (he/him), 17.5 years old, Taiwanese American
Associated Games : CS:GO, Osu!, R6,
Additional info : I aim to be a worker in the IT department one day, preferably things such as server manager and sysadmin. I'm around 6'3 tall, but I'm single looking for a relationship (I mean, I'm probably raging on hormones). I play basketball (center) and play the violin.
Courses : AP CS, AP Calc BC, AP USH, AP Stats

Hardware stuff
Desktop : Custom Built:
CPU: Ryzen 7, 3750x
GPU: MSi RTX 2080ti trio
RAM: 32 GB of Corsair Vengeance LPX 4300MHz
Storage: 1TB Samsung 970 EVO NVMe SSD, 2x 4TB Seagate Drivers x2
PSU: MSI Z390 Motherboard
Cooling: Custom soft-line water cooling loop (friend helped me set it up so I'm unsure of the exact parts)

Laptop : Acer Predator Helios 300 (144hz 3ms, 16Gb, GTX 1660ti, i7-9700hq, 256Gb ssd)

Keyboard : Ducky One 2 RGB TKL (MX Red);
Mouse : Logitech G Pro Wireless
Tablet : Gaomon S620
Headset : Skullcandy Set
Mousepad : HyperX Deskmat, Steelseries QCK+ XL
Monitors : 2x ASUS VG248QE 24" Full HD 1920x1080 144Hz and ZOWIE XL2540 240Hz 24.5 inch e-Sports Monitor
Webcam : Logitech C920
Microphone : Headset mic; Laptop Mic, Some random ♥♥♥♥♥♥ USB Mic

Configs for CS
Resolution :1920x1080 (16:9), Nvidia Color Filters
Sensitivity : 0.95 x 800 DPI, raw input on, windows 7/11
Keybinds: :
z - toggle between show avatars and show number of players
x - clear chat bind (arabic text)
/.,'lj[po098 - ♥♥♥♥ talking binds (dank copypastas and stuff I say as jokes)
F10 - toggle between LJ bind and NOLJ bind
alt - jumpthrow
caplock - "fake" spingbot bind (increases yaw_sens)
Screenshot Showcase
HOLY CRAP ze_sky_journey final lasers pass trio :D:D
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⚡️ Escape Champion ⚡️
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I'll miss you :steamsad::tinder:
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hi can i have your ZE servers ip ? Much appreciate