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﷽﷽ loooo௵﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽ ௵﷽﷽﷽﷽௵ͬͤ ͬͬͤ ͦͬͬͤ ͬͦͬͬͤ ͤͬͦͬͬͤ ͬͤͬͦͬͬͤ ͬͬͤͬͦͬͬͤ ͦͬͬͤͬͦͬͬͤ ͬͦͬͬͤͬͦͬͬͤ ͤͬͦͬͬͤͬͦͬͬͤ ͬͦͬͬͤͬͦͬͬͤ ͦͬͬͤͬͦͬͬͤ ͬͬͤͬͦͬͬͤ ͬͤͬͦͬͬͤ ͤͬͦͬ a []
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i like vrchat

﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽.ͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭ﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽ ﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽ ﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽
௵﷽ ௵﷽﷽﷽ ௵﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽ ௵﷽﷽﷽﷽௵ͬͤ
[AP] GabeTheBabe: oh hello
Change jump to [F1]: Hi Dude
[AP] GabeTheBabe: wow u guys rly wana be unbanned xd.ͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭ
Kurma: yup leon succs
Change jump to [F1]: Yea XDD
[AP] GabeTheBabe: well atm.ͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭ
[AP] GabeTheBabe: there is no point
[AP] GabeTheBabe: and if im correct
[AP] GabeTheBabe: the server is not even online
Change jump to [F1]: He Cam Up to Me and Banned Me For No Reason.ͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭ
[AP] GabeTheBabe: its currently not being used and probably wont be used for darkrp
Change jump to [F1]: Whad Do U mean?.ͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭ
Kurma: well there is one way
Change jump to [F1]: Yea One Way.ͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭ
[AP] GabeTheBabe: If you guys REALLLLLY wana get unbanned.ͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭ
[AP] GabeTheBabe: ask raid
[AP] GabeTheBabe: he owns it xd
[AP] GabeTheBabe: he can go into the console but currently
[AP] GabeTheBabe: i cant access the server
Change jump to [F1]: Why Not?.ͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭ
[AP] GabeTheBabe: its offline.ͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭ
Change jump to [F1]: Wait Actually
Change jump to [F1]: I figured Out A Way
[AP] GabeTheBabe: ?
Change jump to [F1]: If We Hacked in the servers MainFrame
Change jump to [F1]: We Could Possibly Ge ourSelves Unbanned.ͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭ
[AP] GabeTheBabe: lol you can do that I guess?
Change jump to [F1]: That Requires SuperHack2.3894 DL
Change jump to [F1]: Or We could do this.ͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭ
Kurma: we need your help thoguh
[AP] GabeTheBabe: if u wana get unbanned on a offline server.ͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭ
Change jump to [F1]: Dude We love That Server
Kurma: yeah they worked hard on it.ͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭ
[AP] GabeTheBabe: I guessing so :)
Change jump to [F1]: Heres The Idea We Had In Mind.ͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭ
Change jump to [F1]: Got a Tenner?
Kurma: Got a Tenner?
[AP] GabeTheBabe: ..ͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭͭ
[AP] GabeTheBabe: rly
[AP] GabeTheBabe: xd
Change jump to [F1]: Yeah Male
[AP] GabeTheBabe: not currently
[AP] GabeTheBabe: soz :(
Change jump to [F1]: Whaddu Mean?
[AP] GabeTheBabe: oh for god sakes lol
[AP] GabeTheBabe: i just bought
[AP] GabeTheBabe: a custom pc
[AP] GabeTheBabe: i have no moneh
[AP] GabeTheBabe: no dosh
Change jump to [F1]: Dude Those Are Fuckin Cheap AF
Change jump to [F1]: I Have Like 900 GTC 8393
Change jump to [F1]: Those are The Only Cards In The world Like Them
Change jump to [F1]: NviDia Make them They Are Awesome
[AP] GabeTheBabe: im not rich
[AP] GabeTheBabe: im sorry :(
[AP] GabeTheBabe: its a budget build
Change jump to [F1]: I Am Able TO Hack Anyones Computer In 4 MS!
[AP] GabeTheBabe: atleast i can game on it tho
[AP] GabeTheBabe: rly
[AP] GabeTheBabe: thats cool
Change jump to [F1]: I Got 900PetaBytes of Storage!
Kurma: i got a computer part that can paly fallout 4 with super graphics and no frame drops
[AP] GabeTheBabe: wow
[AP] GabeTheBabe: 900 petabytes!
Kurma: ima send u the part
[AP] GabeTheBabe: wish I was u ;)
Change jump to [F1]: Yea Man
Change jump to [F1]: My Parents are like
Change jump to [F1]: Super God Damn Rich
[AP] GabeTheBabe: lol
Change jump to [F1]: They work in a bank
[AP] GabeTheBabe: lucky man
[AP] GabeTheBabe: rly?
[AP] GabeTheBabe: did they rob it xd
Change jump to [F1]: Yea
Change jump to [F1]: XD XD XD
Change jump to [F1]: My Brother Works As A Lawyer
[AP] GabeTheBabe: wow a high up family you have
Change jump to [F1]: I knoww
Change jump to [F1]: Did You Know Donald trump IS also my cousin?
[AP] GabeTheBabe: what!!!!
[AP] GabeTheBabe: no way
Change jump to [F1]: That Is Also one of the Reasons Why Im rich!
Change jump to [F1]: Yea man
[AP] GabeTheBabe: did he give you a small loan of a million dollars? ;)
Change jump to [F1]: He Invites me To The White House Every 3 weeks And I get To Look around Everywhere
Change jump to [F1]: They Even Have Free Food!
[AP] GabeTheBabe: cool
[AP] GabeTheBabe: free food
[AP] GabeTheBabe: my dream
Kurma: yeah they even had sex in abrihams bed
Change jump to [F1]: I even Got To Sit AT his desk!
[AP] GabeTheBabe: LOL
[AP] GabeTheBabe: did u actually?
Change jump to [F1]: Yea
Change jump to [F1]: Duhhhhhh
[AP] GabeTheBabe: lol yea
[AP] GabeTheBabe: silly me
Change jump to [F1]: Yea
Change jump to [F1]: Did You Know My Computer has a custom processor
Change jump to [F1]: Its My Very Own
Change jump to [F1]: Its Called
[AP] GabeTheBabe: wow
[AP] GabeTheBabe: you like to brag :P
[AP] GabeTheBabe: lol
[AP] GabeTheBabe: whats it called?
Change jump to [F1]: Q7-KILLA
Change jump to [F1]: It's So Fuckin Amazing
[AP] GabeTheBabe: Wow an inventive name
[AP] GabeTheBabe: anyway
[AP] GabeTheBabe: another friend wants to talk to me
Change jump to [F1]: I Wish I Could Give You One But I only Have
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Leon Burke Feb 27 @ 4:16pm 
Fuckign retarded meme BEGOONE!
♫GroovyGray♫ Feb 27 @ 3:53pm 
pee is stored in the balls
Leon Burke Jan 21 @ 7:29pm 
I like how there are so many chosen ones but after they make a movie of them being the chosen one the next one is them either being the bad guy or bails on all their friends and bails on his job.
♫GroovyGray♫ Jan 21 @ 3:58pm 
Whose rank is higher?

Anakin Skywalker, the chosen one destined to bring balance to the force. Mentored by legendary masters Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Father to the legendary Luke Skywalker and the fearsome Kylo Ren, to which he is the heir of parent of.

Litterally the first result when you google Dinosaur Jedi
Leon Burke Nov 28, 2017 @ 2:14pm 
Where are you raidshark?
Leon Burke Nov 28, 2017 @ 10:15am 
Oh thank godi thought i was blocked.