Terry Hintz
Cool Guy Terry B)
:chocola: (aka australian boog) :chocola:
If i see youre below level 5 and only have csgo and like 2 other games with tradable shit, catch this fat ignore. (The unusual is mine btw)
I have an I.Q. of 18
I'm the goodest boyo.
I've been spelling Milk with an A
I like to fight other scout mains to assert my dom. You kids ever eat green paste?
One time Rowdy and I were trying to get some ice cream, when suddenly, 18
other scouts came at us from a bus. Little did I know was that they werent
scouts, they were special education 2nd granders. This other time rowdy made me roll out and I slammed right into an on coming truck. And just last week we went to get some hot dogs in australia when suddenly our ground harnesses broke. We were falling into the sun but he market gardened me.

On 2/11/18 Rowdy lost our entire life savings to a Rabbit. :fardy:
(Update 2/12/18) Rowdy has won our life savings back. But I've already done some stuff I'm not proud of.

Yeah I'm that guy that gave the item to the f2p that one time during Christmas. :rickweeks:

This one time Sleep and I beat up Rowdy. That is all. We just beat him up.
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o i how many lewd signs ya got you dork
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ppgay u smell like hay
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who tf are you
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niggas be like