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パッ/ b0aty / Boat Boat / nep   Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
pls comment down below before adding me or else i'll block you in instant (except if i know who you are or met before)

thank you if you did.

hi b0aty/boat boat here

and welcome to my profile

If u want to add me feel free to add just comment down below why u want to

im getting sick of random friend request

i dont accept a private profile,lvl 0,hacker,scammer

so that's it
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To those stalkers out there
Hi I'm b0aty/Boat Boat nice to meet you. Im the type of guy who usually like to talk and play with friends

if you want to talk feel free to do anytime

be nice

Discord : ask me
Discord server : also ask me

my own Toonhud theme https://toonhud.com/user/b0aty/theme/ZSDDCTXL/

my nep hitsound https://www.dropbox.com/s/rsrszq0749wlzm7/hitsound.wav?dl=0
my nep killsound https://www.dropbox.com/s/vpkjebxls0ld63q/killsound.wav?dl=0


Q:What is ur fav games?

A:TF2,Garry's mod,CSGO,L4D2

Q:How old are u?

A:i dont really want to answer that one

Q:What class do u play the most?


Q:What time do u use sfm?


Wanna get information of me irl? ok then

Real life name: no

Gender: Guess it

Hobby: Playing video games


Online: checking stuff watching anime,youtube feel free to chat

In game: dont message me while im playing cuz it will lag me in game

Away: I dont use this status that much but i probably going outside so yea

Busy: Doing homework and dont want to be disturb but imma reply later after finish

Looking to play: Looking for someone to play with so feel free to invite me to play :)

Looking to trade: Probably looking for someone to trade with

Offline: Sleeping

That's all

Some items that im really dreaming for

Strange Australium Professional Killstreak Sniper Rfile

Unusual Master's Yellow Belt [Paint:An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge] (any effect would be fine)

Unusual The Rotation Sensation [Paint:An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge] (any effect would be fine too)

About SFM Request

currently close

k that's all

Why are u still here?

get the hell out of here

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huh Sep 15 @ 7:48am 
it is misu
ramen misu
b0aty ❤ Sep 14 @ 12:55pm 
oh thank you :)
k0llerup Sep 14 @ 12:25pm 
The danes are here to give you love :healthyhearthling:
b0aty ❤ Sep 2 @ 8:27am 
ay thanks
DaRealScott Sep 2 @ 8:20am 
hey b0aty have heart. :ss2heart:
✪Yukino Unizuki Sep 2 @ 8:12am 
Nice to meet you B0aty,im adding you as your friend of Nerd and Alice.include for more SFM nepsona ideas yea?