#Anglo-Celtic Gang (Rhys)
Rhys ap Dyfed   Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
info about me is below the artwork. (though i barely update it)

wanna have a cool font for your steam profile? ask no more
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Hey and Welcome to my Profile ya dingus
First Name: Rhys
Last Name: (you will never know unless we know each other irl)
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Gender: L1A1 SLR
Nationality: Welsh
Languages: English
Languages i am learning atm: Welsh (not yet able to hold a conversation, and yes i know because
not all of us here were given the luxury of learning our nation's language because of the saseneg)

Ethnicity: mix of Welsh-irish/scottish-Anglo/Dutch/German. (yes i know totally unexpected)
my politics i guess: Monarchism (Natural order of things and gives us stabality)

Things i hate: communism, degeneracy(ask me what i mean by that),

People i hate: yankees(some of yous are nice and cool so depends on the person), ignorant people, closed minded people.

People i like: generally everyone unless you're a cunt for no reason.

Books i have read: To Dreem of Freedom `The story of MAC and the Free Wales Army`

Nations i like: Wales (my homeland duh), Ireland (including the north,) , Scotland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Croatia, New Zealand, Australia, Germany. (may get updated over time)

Interests: History, Alt history, airsoft, military

Stuff i love doing: Researching pretty much anything, playing games and exploring and hanging
out with friends etc.

i guess i should add something down here as well
if only you knew the things i know :feeling:
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Tango Romeo Uniform Echo
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November India Golf Golf Echo Romeo
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Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo
#Anglo-Celtic Gang (Rhys) Jul 20 @ 8:01am 
November Oscar Uniform
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You just posted cringe