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"You have a constitutional right to be a dumbass." - Judge Bryant Durham Jr.

"We spend a great deal of time studying history, which, let's face it, is mostly the history of stupidity." - Stephen Hawking

"One minute, you're browsing stupid websites and arguing about Disney Princesses, and then boom you wake up in a FEMA camp. - Erik Hoffstad

"Your parents got you a pocket knife. And you think you're tough shit because you got a pocket knife. Maybe you can come over one morning and butter my fuckin' bagel with it." - Ralph Sepe Jr.

"Regrets, I've had a few. But then again, too few to mention." - Frank Sinatra

"Be true to yourself, don't miss your chance, and you won't end up like the guy who ripped his pants." - Spongebob Squarepants

"I have to laugh when someone calls me an asshole. I've been called much worse than that." - Gordon Ramsay

"You have to ask yourself: What would Ultralord do?" - Sheen Estevez


“I should have gone to college and gone into real estate and got myself an aquarium, that's what I should have done.” - Jeffery Dahmer

"The crisis of today is the joke of tomorrow." - H.G. Wells

"I want to be remembered for my poop jokes. Those are the most important kind." - Eric Andre

“I like my sandwiches like I like my assholes... no crust” - Matthew Watson

"The funniest part about the ligma joke is that it actually sounds like a debilitating disease" - Anonymous

"It's great because you get little poppy seeds all over the place, which grow new poppy plants, which you can then harvest and turn them into opium." - Rhett McLaughlin, on Chicago hot dogs

"Man I tell you what Hank bout there-that dang ol meaning o’life, man. It’s like this man. You’ like a butterfly flappin ‘is wings deep down in that forest man an’ it gonna cause a tree fall like five thousand miles away man. If-an ain’t no body see it nobody don-done-e’en know it happen you know ibda baby born into this world int’know neck god dang friends got no nothin but da go come into find out about em ol evil man. Man see like, you don even know man. When-dyagon it’d like you born into this world man and you got — it’s like this: dust in the wind man, or like a dang ol’ candle in the wind man. You gon — it don matter man it’s not the old oldies all th’ time man. You know what I think man? It’d like the the dang ol – I think therefore you are man." - Jeffery Boomhauer III

"If your kids are being annoying, shoot them." - Jeremy Clarkson

"Don't ask questions you aren't prepared to handle the answers to." - Mrs. Puff

"Look at me, Scout! I am a Heavy! My health is bad and my country is worse!" - Soldier, "Mind Games" SFM

"Poverty is ever the foe of need" - Koopa Master, Mario Party 7

"You may have saved yourself from the sea, but I am really going to hurt you." - Capt. Gregorio De Falco, to Capt. Francesco Schettino of the Costa Concordia

"Your perceived failure can become a catalyst for profound reinvention." - Conan O'Brien

"Wubalubadubdub, you’re wubalubadub dead" - Michael Reeves

"it always racism, pollice violents, guns and immigrats. i jus want to game !!" - @BaskingBall1

"Nah, I prefer Digimon. And in Digimon... you just fuck people up." - Detective Diesel, "Anime Crimes Division"

"Smell your almond finger, butter boy." - Rhett McLaughlin

"Enjoy my finger, almond boy." - Link Neal
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yes you are now cool
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Rocking tthat S L A P C L A P A E S T H E T I C
BolbiiS Jul 30, 2017 @ 7:25pm 
Im so lonely
BolbiiS Jul 30, 2017 @ 7:25pm 
bolbi. No problem
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bolbi. Thanks for the +Rep
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+Rep good dude