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Land Surveyor

Capture 10 pieces of land of any kind


Pop 100,000,000 bloons of any type

Bloon Science

Enable all bloon types for Monkey v Monkey, including all MOAB classes

Gimme that

Pillage $10,000 from other players


Pillage $500,000 from other players

Sweet Revenge

Revenge 25 Monkey v Monkey attacks

Best Served Cold

Revenge 500 Monkey v Monkey attacks


Successfully defend against 100 Monkey v Monkey attacks

Epic Defender

Successfully defend against 2,500 Monkey v Monkey attacks


Successfully defend against 3 Monkey v Monkey attacks in a row

You Shall Not Pass

Successfully defend against 10 Monkey v Monkey attacks in a row

Attack Run

Win 10 Monkey v Monkey attacks in a row

Land Ahoy

Capture 250 pieces of land of any kind

Monkey Land Trust

Capture 500 pieces of land of any kind

Monkey Land Conservancy

Capture 2000 pieces of land of any kind

Here's My Water

Capture 100 river or lake squares

High Ground

Capture 100 mountain or volcano squares

Treasure Trove

Get 20 treasure chests on a single map

Extra Special

Capture one of each: Wattle Trees, Tranquil Glade, Glacier, Shipwreck, Sticky Sap Plant, Phase Crystal, Temple Ruins, and MOAB Graveyard

Feel the Power

Supply your city with a total of 1,000 power

Power Mad

Crank up to 5,000 total power for your city

Whole Lotta Monkeys

Have 100 monkeys ready for duty in the My Monkeys panel

City With Everything

Have built simultaneously at least 1 of every Base, Upgrade, Special, MvM, and Resource building available

Bling Worthy

Build up a bank balance of $10,000 City Cash

Phat Stax

Build up a bank balance of $200,000 City Cash

MOAB Mauler

Destroy 1,000 MOABs

MOAB Assassin

Destroy 10,000 MOABs

DDT Eradicator

Destroy 10,000 DDTs

BFB Saboteur

Destroy 10,000 BFBs


Destroy 10,000 ZOMGs


Pop 1,000,000 Lead Bloons

Hard Baked

Pop 1,000,000 Ceramic Bloons


Pop 1,000,000 Camouflage Bloons

Red City Honor

Reach 50 City Honor

Blue City Honor

Reach 100 City Honor

Green City Honor

Reach 300 City Honor

Yellow City Honor

Reach 600 City Honor

Pink City Honor

Reach 1000 City Honor

Black City Honor

Reach 1500 City Honor

White City Honor

Reach 2100 City Honor

Zebra City Honor

Reach 2800 City Honor

Rainbow City Honor

Reach 3600 City Honor

Ceramic City Honor

Reach 4500 City Honor

MOAB City Honor

Reach 5500 City Honor

BFB City Honor

Reach 7500 City Honor

ZOMG City Honor

Reach 10000 City Honor


Participate in 10 Contested Territories


Win 1 Contested Territory

Territory Boss

Win 5 Contested Territories

Territory Conqueror

Win 10 Contested Territories

Territory King

Win 20 Contested Territories

Treasure Hunter

Get 10 treasure chests on a single map