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3 vac bans are on rust siege and csgo don't care have 3 more accounts :) 4k hrs on rust btw | send me a trade offer if u want or somethin or msg me idc. '_'
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Door Knob 32 minutes ago 
Vigo'sApprentice 8 hours ago 
Look at those vac bans... Enough said :sacrificed:
Boodog Jun 29 @ 2:37am 
-rep biggest tunneller in the game
Squid Jun 29 @ 1:58am 
those bans make a looot of sense lmfaoooo
Squid Jun 29 @ 1:53am 
carried by noed and camps and tunnels lmaoooo youre dogwater bro try a differnt game
vladspellbinder Jun 26 @ 5:21pm 
I really do hope you get to a better place in life where you don't feel the need to spread negativity.