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I mean, as a fan of Halo it's going to stay in my library out of principle. By that as in I'm a hoarder.

Is it a good game? I wouldn't say so. I love RTS, but what Halo Wars brings to the table is something incredibly watered down. It's like cheap beer, in that you're playing this game just to have some Halo in your life, not to actually enjoy it.

Nothing has aged well, from the Xbox controller centric interface, horrible unit pathing, the same exact voice lines used by most of your units, to the vague details of what your units do and are capable of. Unit cap is somewhat limited, resulting in hamfisted battles where dumping out new units is more important than keeping them alive. Fighting a couple of Hunters back in Halo made you feel like a total badass, but here they're found in numbers, and they're more than happy to make short work of your army you spent a minute marching across the field. Sure a couple of Scarabs are scary, but if I wanted a meat grinder I'll play Total War, or Warhammer 40K, or both.

Maybe I've played too much Starcraft, or Company of Heroes for that matter. I've definitely played too much Supreme Commander, hell its sequel that ended up being a simplified version of the first SupCom and its expansion has more to offer than Halo Wars, and that franchise was all on Xbox 360 before they were ported to PC a DECADE ago.

Even on sale it's still a hard pass, unless maybe you have a buddy around to play coop with and maybe crack open a cold one. But that's only because you bought this on sale, in the middle of Summer, when you're desperate for a new RTS to play....
Posted July 2.
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Grab a squad, pick up your gun, and protect our mother earth from alien attack
Posted June 30.
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Very well done and tight gameplay, dungeon crawling revolving around the dash mechanic and up to 4 spells on 4-7 second cooldown, chaining together combos with staccato rhythm. Only real downside are the rougelite elements, but progression is in the form of unlocked spells that replace starting spells. Great couch coop, good candidate for Parsec.
Posted June 26.
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Short but sweet, art direction and soundtrack is incredible. Story is simple, probably be forgettable, but I found myself already attached to "Her" as she encourages you to push forward. Gameplay wise, in some respects it tries to be like other hack and slash games, where you're expected to be playing for much longer.
This is important because practically all the "cool" skills will never be fully realized on the first run, and the health, dash, and personal shield perks are one of the most reliable and important perks to be upgrading. Of those perks dash is the most important, most of game will revolve around your ability to dodge, along with your shield bash ability and guaranteed stuns even on bosses.

The game however has New Game +, which might be of great of great interest to allow for different styles of combat next time around, or just crank the game to max difficulty. In game Cheats are also an option, but I would save that for a another run.

I had bought this as part of the Humble Bundle, so I'd say it was worth every penny. I'd say wait for a mild sale, but if you like games like Bayonetta and Hotline Miami, this is worth picking up.
Posted February 27.
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Yeah, it's an actual Ace Combat this time. It's fun, there's no QTE's like in Assault Horizon, the game is gorgeous, and I feel like some badass pilot who somehow carries an arsenal that rivals that of small nations.

The feeling of speed is capitalized on as you're now regularly going from stalling out of the air into mach 2 in the next second. Flying through clouds is a brief but stressful ordeal, as your aircraft begins to ice up and are basically flying with only instruments. AI meanwhile are very good at performing maneuvers around you, so you're not the only one who can pull ridiculous G's anymore.

Somewhat of a gripe is the way gun sights are handled. It used to be that the computer would calculate where to lead a target, now that's gone and replaced with a reticle that simply sways with your aircraft, making it difficult if you're actually properly sighting a moving target

Biggest gripe is the lack of general joystick support, literally if they had a method to just detect and bind inputs manually that's all we needed. Instead it's support for only 4 sticks, and they're all Ace Combat themed. We're to rely on emulation instead, and even that's not entirely practical.

After playing through the campaign one and a half times, it's a sad no, if middling maybe. I still recommend it to anyone of the PS2 era Ace Combat, it's just that some things took a backseat from what made the original series.

In particular, attack aircraft are very much not a thing, you literally only have the A10c warthog and a Mig, and they don't even matter because most of the time you're trying to fend off drone counter attacks.

Aircraft selection in general is somewhat more limited, as it boils down to United States vs Soviet/Russian fighters with European fighters being right in the middle. Which is fine, but I had the feeling my only real options were either fly the 3 F15 variants or fly the Sukhoi/MiG line, while the Eurofighters are unlocked inbetween right alongside the attack craft.

Unlock progression was also hampered by the fact it becomes quickly apparent that you will not be able to fly the last 3 aircraft in a given tree unless you commit within the first playthrough of the campaign. Upgrades and subweapons might be cool, but I found I valued supermaneuverable fighters in order to compete with particular opponents in a dogfight

The plot leaves much to be desired, although maybe I have my nostalgia glasses on when it comes to comparing against earlier Ace entries. The penal unit feels forced, you spend maybe 4 missions with them, then woop de do you're pardoned. It's not until the last few missions where the convicts become relevant again, then never to be heard from again.
Plot points are cobbled together, then abandoned for some new thing happening, much like the characters we hang out with throughout the game. There's never enough dialogue nor time to get to know anyone, apart from the scientist guy and the scrap girl. Even then I liked the scientist more because all scrap girl does is complain.

If you want to use your HOTAS you guys might want to try and use vJoy combined with UCR/Joystick Gremlin then feeding that into x360ce. Though whether you need UCR/Joystick Gremlin depends on if you're relying on different throttles and sticks or if your HOTAS can already be treated as a single unit.

I'm using a Thrustmaster TWCS paired with my VKB Gunfighter/MCG Pro so all 3 pieces of software were needed
Posted February 4. Last edited March 16.
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It's pretty bad. Not even worth loading up for boobs or just to hang out with friends.
Posted January 4.
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I keep trying to like this game, but COH1 with the Eastern Front mod feels better. I'd rather support those guys. The focus is less about macro via map awareness and therefore map control, but more about generally having encounters and having the first strike. There's more micro as a result, which reminds me of Warhammer 40k DOW III went, THQ's other sequel to their RTS's.

Axis and American Factions are no longer a thing for PvP. This isn't necessarily bad, but theres the loss of where the first game had fleshed out both sides, and very different playstyles with set progession trees. Everything is now shoved under "commander" trees, with just a bunch of "skills" hamfisted into them. Which brings the point of contention into that there are inherently better commanders out there, and they can be bought. Otherwise you're looking into grinding a bit to maybe get a half decent commander.

Games are much faster, due to drastic reduction in time to kill, but it also makes losing units less punishing due to differences in resource acquistion, which leads to feeling like you're kinda just hamfisting more units at the enemy at times.

For the single player campaign, they basically took a massive ♥♥♥♥ for the Russian Campaign, but at least the Ardenne DLC is decent.

I don't know, it's not quite traditional RTS, and definitely not how classic CoH or even classic DoW formula. What we have instead is something that plays something closer to Leage and Dota, with heavy amounts of DLC.
Posted December 15, 2018.
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Early Access Review
It's ♥♥♥♥ing fantastic, I play this as hard as I did Dance Dance Revolution when I still had my PS2. Except instead of my legs it's now my wrists and arms. I've bought an added face mask to help with sweating, and I wear an additional sweat band too to prevent pooling in my Oculus.

The game doesn't deserve a negative review, but I beleive it would make more sense that I mark it this way to get a point across.

Problem is, the game relies on the modding community in order to get at least 2 hours out of the game. Can't just play the same 6 songs over and over, you know?

Content aside, there are some quality of life changes the game could make do with, particulary how difficulty is determined. There's no real discernable between difficulties without playing the song itself, the best you can do is look at how many given notes are there versus how long the song is, then determine the notes per minute. That statistic alone is what sets apart the game's own "Expert" difficulty compared to a community song's version of "Expert". You find out real fast that most cases community Expert can be compared to the Notes per minute such as in Osu or the Challenge rating back in DDR.

And that level of play is completely fine, I welcome the fact that such a difficulty exists for when I eventually become a rhythm god. But the sheer swing in difficulty while retaining the same exact label makes it somewhat tiring to try new songs.

I realize that's what Expert + exists for, but even then that label is not consistently used.

This is probably where having the community vote against the qualites of a song would be fantastic, such as rating how well a song flows, or chaotic it can be. Or just plain how much actual movement there is, since some songs can be played completely still while others near-damned have you playing it as if you're doing disco again. It wouldn't be perfect, but weighing against an average or even median would be great.

TL;DR, if you like Rhythm games and don't mind getting a little too sweaty, buy the game. The caveat being that the wonderful mod known as BeatSongLoaderPlugin must be installed, as well as the fact the user will need to sort through 10 songs to find 4 good ones, and eventually the find the real gem of playing the game as if you're a Kpop star.

P.S. Please buy some additional gear for sweat. I almost killed my Oculus from basically water logging it.
Posted November 19, 2018.
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Ridiculously stressful, but the beats are funky fresh
Posted October 28, 2018.
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Early Access Review
It's been close to a decade, development started way before early access was ever a thing. Unfortunetly, funding ran out, as focus was shifted to multiplayer as opposed to the initial campaign mode that was initially worked on
Posted October 21, 2018.
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