dill   Ohio, United States
Zoinks! 8)
fursona: shaggy from scooby doo
Feel free to add just to add. Willing to mentor/ring. I will check your profile if you are trying to scam me. :)
8 inches per 360
all my hours are idle hours

b8ed bitch

Horsie: Hello, I'd like to preface this message through making you guys aware of the fact that I am a high IQ person. Some of the things I'll do this may seem irrational at the time - but I can assure you, every action that I take has a greater meaning, and unless you also have high IQ you'll probably not understand the "questionable" things I do. In conclusion, do not speak to me like we are equals and there will be no problems, thank you.

rice prince: I'm hella special

horsie: black people are like animals. if u spook them u get shot

tard tism: clean hands are cool hands

horsie: dill looks like the type of person that would wear a beanie and fuck your mom

horsie has a small dick and my dick is huge

horsie ღ: hey baby, i've got a thermos and i can time travel. wanna fuck? ;)

horsie ღ: join discord
horsie ღ: now
horsie ღ: btich
dilly dilly: no
dilly dilly: u have to solve my riddle
horsie ღ: wtf
horsie ღ: ok
dilly dilly: who has a small pee pee
horsie ღ: me
dilly dilly: wrong
horsie ღ: no
dilly dilly: guess im not joingin
horsie ღ: it's me
horsie ღ: wtdf
horsie ღ: fuck u
horsie ღ: ok solve a riddle for me
dilly dilly: that be gay if u fucked me
horsie ღ: who's fucking retarded
dilly dilly: me
dilly dilly: wait
horsie ღ: good
dilly dilly: cat
horsie ღ: that would've also been acceptable
dilly dilly: lmao

ebsikl: i wasnt upset i was mad

ebsikl: i think the cut off at being good at the game is me

Milan : my voice will make you drip fam

[2:31 PM] dill: y do u have grass in ut bag?
[2:46 PM] Horsie: cuz i like sticking grass up my butt
[2:46 PM] Horsie: it's my fetish don't tell anyone
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ˢʳChicken Chow Mein Jul 12 @ 9:16am 
😉 Jinkies!
dinko Jul 12 @ 1:17am 
ˢʳChicken Chow Mein Jul 12 @ 1:16am 
you better delete that -_-
dinko Jul 12 @ 1:14am 
the shaggy ways will always be here my man. 8)
ˢʳChicken Chow Mein Jul 12 @ 1:14am 
He will change it when i say so :)
C86.FB Jul 12 @ 1:10am 
The age of Doobies seems to have ended, with this new profile pic. Will dill change his name once more? or will he continue back to his shaggy zoinker ways?