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Quit TF2, only subbing for HL team:)

Xenon // Highlander // UGC/ETF2L // Plat

Team History

Xenon // Highlander // UGC/ETF2L // Silver/Div 5
[T-A!]Bforce v2 // 6v6 // ETF2L// D5/D4
Los Pollos Hermanos // 6vs6 // ETF2L // D6
TheOriginal // 6v6 // ETF2L // D5
Lyrete.tf // 6v6 // ETF2L // D5
Koston.tf // 6v6 // ETF2L // Top mid
PEEP! // 6v6 // ETF2L // Mid
NervousENERGY Density // 6v6 // ETF2L // High
Addict! // 6v6 // ETF2L // High
No Input // 6v6 // LAN // Invite group 5th place



21:01 - IPZIE-: gotta fuck this kid really quick

20:59 - dust: i wanna be
20:59 - dust: the very best
20:59 - dust: like no one ever was
20:59 - dust: to mge them
21:00 - dust: is my real test
21:00 - dust: to dm them is my calllll
21:00 - dust: TE EF 2
21:00 - dust: gotta win them alllll

Dust: Report me for being too good.

khaos: i wanna play games for money
Shoosh!: dont we all :D
khaos: but i dont have big boobs and a stupid attidude
khaos: so

In mumble
Nipple: You're always gonna be my bae, You're always gonna be my waifu

R-R-Royal Nipple: kkk
.sh // mix?: racist
R-R-Royal Nipple: white power.

.sh: bfesdujbfASfSAf
.sh: sorry, my cat stood on my keyboard
Daven: deathtoallniggers
Daven: sorry my dog did it

23:25 - Royal Nipple: I love you
23:25 - Royal Nipple: but god damn
23:25 - Royal Nipple: you can be a bitch

22:01 - McK: Rip Shoosh 1997-2015. A roamer, a friend, a dickhead.

[00:11:56] You were kicked from the server by Chedpit: Stoned and a Cunt.

[23:41:31] You were kicked from the server by Chedpit: Capain Phear.
[23:41:48] You were kicked from the server by Chedpit: CAPTAIN.

21:28 - Pandahh: I hate girls
21:28 - Pandahh: Wanna be gay?

Ross: 1 cummie 2 cummie 3 cummie 4 Im daddy's princess but im also a whore

cold ketchup best ketchup: Oh don't be sad, I kinda like this height! I get free backrides, can koala people and people always call me cute!

Shoosh: currently arguing weith the gf so
Shoosh: hahaha
may0 ,´:o): always fun
may0 ,´:o): tell her imma smack dat bietch
may0 ,´:o): dont mess with nipples waifu

Shoosh ☆彡: gimme a break just been aids on in tf2
Shoosh ☆彡: im/////
Hawky: that's alright CS is better
Hawky: once you start headshotting you'll be fine
Hawky: \\\\\
Hawky: right I just tilted you back
Hawky: you're now |||||

(Fuck cold ketchup)
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gay is not something bad but i meant before guy (akward)
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Fucking sucks at most games in general.
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