Alsander An Mór Féilíneach
Alex R Mulligan   Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Reckon you're communicating with a impersonator, check if they have 10k+ hrs on TF2 or have "The Z Dog" "MA: Titans" "Chessypuff" or other well known ZtG staff/members.

Former ZtG Server moderator now ZtG Discord Moderator.
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Medieval Engineers
There's a thingy abob
My policial opinions lean towards National Socialism (Far-Right) though some say i'm more Centralist.

I'm of Irish, English and Scottish heritage. What a combo.

Iz a furry

I'm of 19 years of age.


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Aug 18 @ 12:01am 
of course i wan't to play comp with you < 3 , also deranked to expert assasin II ):
ooh ?
[SPLT] Fenris @ Pool Aug 15 @ 4:44am 
Zeref Aug 14 @ 5:03am 
Guilty until proven innocent :P