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Besides games I am a big fan of the post-apocalyptic and hard science fiction genres. On the web I frequently visit hard news websites, Slashdot (I know), Moviehole, No Mutants Allowed, , and TV Tropes. I love science and I am often interested in learning new things.
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A terrific, well-made game. At its heart it is about the random adventures that you have in space. Success is predicated on being able to efficiently stack offensive and defensive capabilities on your ship (based on your crew and various parts / upgrades) as well as timing during a battle. Once you get the hang of that and learn about a few of the hazards, you should be able to get to some of the later sectors (at least on Easy mode).

Very enjoyable.
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What type of organic molecule this is suupposed to be? Its methyl groups look good but overall is missing hydrogens and/or double bonds.

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