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Dec 25, 2019 @ 1:33am
In topic idaho
Originally posted by Illusion of Progress:
Boise is probably a shoe in. Have they ever not included the capital or most populous area?
I'm pretty sure they've included every capital (except when it isn't in the range of the map, like Moscow), but they've arguably missed a "most populous city" in ETS2: Antwerp, which is the most populous city (but not metropolitan area) in Belgium.

It is of course worth remembering that Belgium is a product of the ETS2 base map, which was made at a very different time; furthermore, that Belgium is a small country only a bit larger than Maryland, so it would have been difficult to fit both Antwerp and Brussels in anyway.

As far as ATS is concerned, probably the weirdest omissions on the map are San Jose (the third-largest city in California) and Prescott (the principal city of the third-largest metropolitan area in Arizona.)
Aug 14, 2019 @ 9:32pm
In topic Note to creators. TOO MANY INVISIBLE WALLS!
If you're actually encountering invisible walls in normal gameplay, report them as a bug on the official forums.

If you're just driving into the desert for a giggle, I'm not sure what you expected to happen.
Aug 10, 2019 @ 2:10am
In topic does this game often go on sale?
Both this game and its sibling Euro Truck Simulator 2 go on sale very frequently. While you've had the misfortune of just missing out on a couple of relatively recent sales, I'm sure there will be another one soon enough.

The base game typically runs for $5, while the DLC is significantly discounted depending on how old it is (Washington, the newest, will probably have a very small discount; New Mexico, the oldest, will almost be given away for nothing.)
Jul 15, 2019 @ 9:23am
In topic Small Update?
Originally posted by Yojimbo:
So useless garbage cash grabs rather than new trucks or anything. Bravo SCS.
Funny thing about this: the main reason they haven't made many paint job packs for ATS is because they want to get every brand in the game first.

In spite of this, people keep begging for decorations every Q&A. So they make one. And now one wonders where the trucks are.

It's almost like they're more aware than you think they are.
Jul 13, 2019 @ 5:47am
In topic Is ATS worth it?

ETS2 has:
-Varied countries
-European trucks
-A larger map
-More "big" cities, which may be more interesting to visit
-Better mod support
-More roundabouts
-A general emphasis on forest and grassland scenery

ATS has:
-More consistent signage/infrastructure
-American trucks
-A map with a higher level of base quality
-More "small" cities, which allow for higher levels of relative detail and may help the large ones stand out better
-Higher speed limits
-More left-turn signals
-A general emphasis on mountain and desert scenery

As a general rule:
-If you value one region or the other, for any reason (trucks, signage, scenery, how the roads work) go with that one.
-If you value mods, go with ETS2.
-If quantity is your foremost concern, go with ETS2.
-Otherwise go with ATS.

If you end up getting really into the game there's no harm in buying both, because although both games have very different feels to them they ultimately play similarly and the other game is often around the same price as DLC when it's on sale.
Jul 11, 2019 @ 7:28pm
In topic Green routes in the yellow states?
Northern New Mexico, and a few assorted places toward the middle and east side of Arizona. For example, US 191 south of US 60, and near the Grand Canyon.

There are also assorted places in California, primarily along the coastline (US 101) but also a few elsewhere near the edge of the Sierra Nevada.
Jun 26, 2019 @ 2:47pm
In topic Would you spend $750 on this game?
Think of the game like an MMO.

Let's say the average MMO has a subscription fee of $10 a month for the purposes of simple math (it's probably more than this.) Playing such a game for one year would add up to $120. Playing it for ten would add up to $1200. It isn't terribly expensive if you're only playing it for a short period of time, but if you play it for ten years, it adds up.

The Truck Simulator games operate on a somewhat similar basis: if you're playing the game constantly for 10 years, and buying each DLC as it releases, then yes, you'll be spending around $500 on map DLC. If you take a break for a while, or stop playing, then the DLC that releases in that period will be discounted by the time all 50 states are released -- effectively meaning that you don't need to pay for that time.

In theory (if not in practice), the service fees of an MMO are intended to go toward content development and server maintenance. And with ATS, you're paying for content development and game updates, which fundamentally accomplishes similar ends. The key difference is that if you stop paying for an MMO, you're probably locked out of the game completely, whereas with ATS you just miss out on whatever DLC releases between when you stopped playing and when you decide to start buying it again -- making it more of a soft paywall than a hard one.

Considering the current state of the industry, I'm not in any position to call what is effectively a $25/year single-player MMO greedy -- especially as it's been receiving fairly constant updates that are available to everyone.
Jun 18, 2019 @ 11:51pm
In topic ats new states
Originally posted by Humpfester:
There is a new Highway patrol car buried deep in the base.scs file from Utah, just sayin'.
There's also a Utah state route symbol visible on an in-game sign. By accident, yes, but it's there.

SCS might officially keep the next DLC secret, but I've never once seen them actually manage to keep it so successfully. New Mexico was hinted at in the blog before it was announced. Oregon appeared in an image before its announcement, too. We had images of some guy working on Washington before Oregon even came out. And Utah has almost always been teased alongside Washington.

You can reliably assume that whatever the next state is will turn up long before it is formally announced too.
Jun 13, 2019 @ 9:41am
In topic Washington Marina
Originally posted by Olslov:
I delivered a boat at Sea Horizon in Aberdeen. It didn't count somehow
I think you need to deliver from Sea Horizon to another Sea Horizon.

In other words, if you get the boat at for example Rail Export, it might not count.
Jun 12, 2019 @ 12:43pm
In topic ATS graphics better than ETS2?
Originally posted by zoo:
(Just bought Washington and forestry cargo pack) ETS on the other hand looks superb (light shafts through forests and trees by the side of the road or over the sea are just bliss) in the updated regions and newer DLC and is easily more varied on the eye.
Washington has both things you mentioned, as well as cliffside mountain roads, plains, deserts, huge cities, and nearly-constant rivers and lakes, all within a relatively small ares. How is it less varied?

Maybe in terms of having fewer countries, I guess, but the differences between Washington, New Mexico, and California are still pretty noticeable in ways other than just the quality SCS was capable of when making the game.

Deserts aren't an absence of variety, they're proof that it's there. ETS2 doesn't have any terrain like that, while ATS not only has that but has a lot of other types of terrain as well. Even the deserts are pretty distinctive: Arizona's has a lot of forests and canyons, while Nevada is very mountainous, and New Mexico gradually transitions between the environments of Arizona, Colorado, and west Texas. But then you've got oceanside routes like US 101, mountain passes like IH 80, IH 84's long period of adjacency to the Columbia River, and forest routes like US 199 too.

ATS is... less than ETS2, purely in terms of quantity, but what's there tends to be incredibly detailed. The only real exception to this is in the base map, and that's because it was done at 1:35, but even that's improving lately.
Jun 3, 2019 @ 2:21pm
In topic Game updates
-Washington should hopefully release by the end of June.
-Utah should hopefully release by the end of 2019.
-The International Lonestar and the Freightliner Cascadia should hopefully release by the end of 2019.
-Version 1.35 should release soon with every feature listed in the above blog, plus voice navigation and a few other things. You can test it now by switching to Open Beta if you're courageous and not afraid of things breaking. A more stable version should release in a week or two or something.
-There's some trailer DLC (like ETS2's Krone DLC) that's vaguely "in the pipeline", who knows when it will release.
-They're hoping to expand World of Trucks in the near future with more complex functionality, but the only thing 1.35 adds is compatibility with Trailer Ownership.
-Assuming they don't do Canada or Mexico for a while (as has been suggested previously), there aren't a lot of states that can reasonably be after Utah if Utah is next. You've basically got a 50-50 guess for the third.
-Everything above is subject to change and delays.
Jun 3, 2019 @ 3:50am
In topic Taking way too long too build each state
Perhaps they're assuming we'll have two more states by the time the game finishes.
May 28, 2019 @ 3:53am
In topic New state after Washington.
Originally posted by B00tsy:
My first impression so far after I bought ATS with all the dlc expansions is that there is so much barren dry/dessert terrain with fairly boring highways (compared to ETS). I hope for States with a bit more interesting diverse scenery, whatever States that may be.
That's more a factor of where they chose to start the game than anything else. Scenery shifts are typically gradual, resulting in large areas of desert, then plains, then forests, then cities (with exceptions). And they chose to start the game basically right where they'd be forced to work through all of the desert to get a halfway decent map.

There are clear distinctions between the different desert states. Arizona's actually has a fair few forests, while Nevada's are a bit more rugged, and Oregon's are basically just arid grassland. Still, it's definitely a stark difference from ETS2 and something that might take some getting used to.

For better or worse, though, the map is more or less done with deserts for a while. Utah's technically a desert state, but it's also a mountain state, and it's way prettier than most of the others. Texas has some desert in the west, but by the east half it gets so green that you're already past the plains and in the dense forests. I guess there's more in Mexico, but that's a long way off.

It's a shame that the game routes you through I-40 so much right now, though, yeah, since it's probably the least interesting road in the game. Which is realistic, but I-10 and I-8 at least have a little more going on.
May 20, 2019 @ 12:19am
In topic Which State?
Area of Rhode Island: 3100 sq km
Area of Luxembourg: 2600 sq km

And in both cases the capital is the largest city, so they shouldn't have any trouble with Rhode Island. It might only be Providence, but it'll be on the map if SCS ever gets there. Maybe they can squeeze Newport in with the extra space and whatever technology they have that allows them to competently model the rest of the east coast, but I doubt it.

The east coast as a whole presents a number of frightening challenges with respect to density, but for the foreseeable future, Texas is the biggest obstacle in all regards. It is big, it has a large number of major cities, and it does a lot of things that many previous states do not. It's doing everything it can to block SCS from getting to the east coast they so desperately want to reach, and until they can get through Texas, they can't even think about what lies beyond it.
May 14, 2019 @ 7:25pm
In topic How many truck manufactuers are in game ?
Peterbilt and Kenworth, of course, were there from the outset.

Volvo was added a few months ago, quite a while after release.

Trucks from International (specifically the LoneStar) and Freightliner are currently in development. They would like to release both of them by the end of the year, but have not formally committed to anything.

There is a placeholder Western Star building in Oregon, but nothing that implies a business relationship with the company outside of optimism.

There is nothing to report on for Mack other than vague "our immediate goal [before emphasizing cosmetics] is to get all seven major brands in the game" type messages.

They have expressed interest in Tesla, but it seems like they would rather wait and see how that brand actually turns out.
May 6, 2019 @ 2:46pm
In topic where can i do a deliver of wood
If you don't have Oregon, your best bet is waiting until 1.35 and then heading to Redding.

If you do have Oregon, pretty much any town in western Oregon has something for you.
May 3, 2019 @ 11:15pm
The new roads aren't meant to be, like, a free DLC expansion or anything. They're just a few helpful connections meant to supplement natural-feeling gameplay, and in the case of CA 299, correcting a sloppy shortcut they took in 1.0.
Apr 30, 2019 @ 8:44pm
In topic DLC Washington
Originally posted by Hiro Protagonist:
I don't get why everyone thinks Texas is such a massive job, it's only marginally bigger than France with a much less dense road network
A less dense road network... relative to France, yes.

And a more dense road network relative to the majority of the states in the game right now. Which is part of the problem, really. You could probably make Texas in ETS2 without much difficulty, but it would be more challenging in ATS because it needs to look consistent with the rest of the map.
Apr 28, 2019 @ 11:08pm
In topic Discoveries
Was it for a Volvo dealership? I think the discovery on those might be a bit funky since the dealership was in the game for a long time before it could actually be used.
Apr 26, 2019 @ 9:00pm
In topic Portugal Spain dlc official
There is a fairly good chance that it will be the next DLC after the one that they have yet to announce.

In other words, likely in 2020-2021.
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