The Pondering Llama
Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal
Bad Acid did damage to my mental.
TF2 Settings:
Resolution: 1024x768 Stretched
Mouse: Logitech G-Pro @800DPI
Sens / Inches per 360: 1.5 / 11.2

Mouse: CoolerMaster MM710 @800DPI

- BENQ 240hz 24"
- Dell 4k 10bit monitor 27"
- Dell vertical monitor 22"

Class mains:
Soldier - 1K hours
Scout - 2K hours
Sniper - 2K hours

>You wake up.
>3 am, sheets are soaked, looks like a police chalk outline of your own cold sweat.
>November in the '6, window half open but you're satched in frigid sweat
>You hear a low hum to your left, a sombre "boom-bap and tapping on a piano
in C-minor and bass line that could lull a madman to a quiet rest.
>You press your index-finger on the center of your Google Home and put an intermission to your low-fi beats.
>It's Silent; you can hear a bootlace and a spec of dust as you stumble half-alive to your refridgerator.
>Pure silence, your doomer tinnitus kicks in and your heartbeat is audible, it reverberates around the room and back.
>It's almost comforting as you almost believe it's someone elses and that you aren't completely isolated in your concrete tower, complete with ultrawide 144hz monitor and gaming pc you bought with your tax return last March.
>That's your GF tbh fam
>Every morning is like being born again, tears stream from your eyes from your sheer existence (and sleep), you're mid-drool and you're trying to remember how to walk.
>you're at the fridge now.
>you don't open it, yet
>you know there's nothing in there save for some mandarin oranges, only one of which you've eaten back in February when you helped Mrs. Yallowitz Across the hall with her groceries.
>and that half-empty pack of Monster Zero-Ultra: Your mouth filling with fresh saliva just thinking about it.
>Finally those two eggs
>you crack open the fridge, you hear the dry whatever-the-hell-is-in-between-the fridge door and the fridge unsticking and creaking as the 10-watt bulb illuminates the sad interior of this 4' icebox you call your fridge
> You retrieve two monsters and the two eggs you nabbed from the Mrs. across the hall yesterday; innocently claiming you were missing two eggs for a cake you were making for your mom when in reality you were foraging for tomorrow's breakfast like an urban hunter-gatherer
>you crack open the boomer-juice, *sips*
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Earl Sweatshirt is based
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Can you teach me speedrun strats in Maximum Action? It would be greatly appreciated!
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Nice stream, Good player.
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Wtf man what happened