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Fully Integrated

Welcome to the sun
Unlocked Nov 24 @ 12:05pm

Fortune Hunter

Help Custer collect the core
Unlocked Nov 27 @ 9:47am

Another Reality

Enter a Cyberwomb
Unlocked Nov 25 @ 11:55am

Flesh And Bits

Get blown to pieces
Unlocked Nov 27 @ 9:32am

Puke Extravaganza

Have 5 or more characters puke at the same time
Unlocked Nov 27 @ 10:43am

A Heart Of Meat

Finish the pilgrimage and help with the missing heart
Unlocked Nov 28 @ 1:17pm

Heightened Senses

Reach level 5
Unlocked Nov 27 @ 10:30am

Exploring Nexus

Visit 20 or more locations

Iron Will

Defeat a boss on Hard Difficulty during a Permadeath run


Fill all implant slots

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