={LF}= 『Inspector☆Lag』
Robert   Massachusetts, United States
If you're adding me, please leave a comment or a trade offer otherwise I may ignore your request!

I also will remove friends I don’t talk to if you invite me to random groups. I don’t need to be a part of more groups.

I've got my own server! Isn't that neat? Come join! :B1:
Server Name: ={LF}= Lag's Funhouse [Trade/Fun]
Things that probably won't lead to me liking you:
- Shitty Trader (cough lowballer cough).
- Notorious Sharker/Scammer.
- Salt/Edgelord that goes 110% in a trade server.
- Considerably more toxic than China's air.
- Manipulative for your own gain.

If you don't fall under any of that, you should be golden.

~『Inspector☆Lag』~™: I have the DLC
Meowt: ik
Meowt: punk told me
Meowt: also
~『Inspector☆Lag』~™: o
~『Inspector☆Lag』~™: muju
Meowt: please dont quote me on that
Meowt: ah fuck i only need one paragraph dont for tommarow
Meowt: *done
~『Inspector☆Lag』~™: Go on my profile real quick
Meowt: i funking hate you
Meowt: FUCK
~『Inspector☆Lag』~™: FUNK
~『Inspector☆Lag』~™: OMG
~『Inspector☆Lag』~™: I'M DEAD
Meowt: BITCH
~『Inspector☆Lag』~™: I'm gonna put this convo on my profile
Meowt: please no

I love『Omega☆Ridley99』™ soooooooo much c:
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My trade offer link: http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=35829274&token=bdMLKd_v
My BP.TF Link: https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561197996095002
My +rep page for brokering: http://bazaar.tf/thread/8431

Unusual hats unboxed: 4
Unusualifiers unboxed: 8
Unusual war paints unboxed: 1
I’m just using this for extra display spots since I’m not trading as much anymore, but you may send a trade/trade offer as you please, as long as it’s not for anything I’m not selling, of course :B1:

Side note: All of the unusuals listed below are all owned by me and are 1 of 3 in existence or less! (They aren't for sale though, so don't ask. )

- Strange Tesla Coil Hermes - 1 of 1 (in strange unusual quality) in existance (45 keys)
- Time Warp Grenadier's Softcap - 1 of 1 in existance (50 keys)
- Starstorm Insomnia Dead Cone - 1 of 1 in existance (26 keys)
- Green Black Hole Pirate's Bandana - 1 of 3 in existance (69 keys)
- Ghastly Ghosts Jr One Man Army - 1 of 3 in existance (45 keys)
- Phosphorous Plug-In Prospector - 1 of 2 in existance (26 keys)
- It's a Secret to Everyone Baron von Havenaplane - 1 of 2 in existance (64 keys)
- Stormy Storm Professional's Ushanka - 1 of 3 in existance (60 keys)
- The Ooze L'Inspecteur - 1 of 2 in existance (50 keys)
- Harvest Moon Private Eye - 1 of 2 in existance (150 keys)

My other cool stuff:
- Strange Pro KS HHHH w/ Exorcism (~216 keys based on what I paid)
- Flaming Lantern Waxy Wayfinder (50 keys, 1st unboxed unusual)
- Electrostatic Buckaroo's Hat (17 keys, 2nd unboxed unusual)
- Disco Beat Down Ye Oiled Baker Boy (15 keys, 3rd unboxed unusual)
- Isotope MW Horror Holiday (~35 keys,1st unusual war paint, 4th unboxed unusual)
- Clairvoyance Phononaut (~140 keys(?), 5th unboxed unusual)
:B1: The Meme Chronicles :B1:
These are my meme/on-a-whim purchases that I've made, and I've decided to keep track of them just so people can maybe get a giggle out of it like I did when they were first bought.

Chapter 1: Purchased a N&B Doctor's Sack off of the SCM for ~$24.
I then proceeded to rename them to "Inspector's Nutsack".
*laugh track*

Chapter 2: Purchased a Smoking Smokey Sombrero off an auction for 10 keys.
Only bought it to make a Big Smoke joke and because it's semi-themed.
Good thing I actually like the Sombrero.

Chapter 3: Purchased an Unusual FT Cool Tiger Buffed Family Business for 13 keys.
Probably the stupidest one yet.
At least it's got an interesting-looking brownish-orange texture instead of a yellow one.

Chapter 4: Purchased an Unusual FT Isotope Cabin Fevered Scotman's Skullcutter for $32.
The stupidity continues in the form of an axe I probably shouldn't have bought.

Chapter 5: Purchased a Omniscient Orb Wing Mann for 30 keys.
Bought it for a 5 minute joke about Thanksgiving and the future. Yea.
Just a reminder...

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