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James~🎃 (Spooky uwu) Aug 19 @ 11:07am 
Gay ice
Sunnybun is a Good Girl Jul 14 @ 9:56pm 
Hello! We were friends once before, but I'm just going to be cleaning up my list after about 6 years of not maintaining it. If you wish to add me back, I'll accept. Just figured to leave a notice before removing.
Erie OwO Jun 19 @ 7:14pm 
Hello, U prob dun remember me but yeah... Hi dood :csgocross::csgocross:
steevman Jun 5 @ 8:14pm 
but u have to..be my girlfriend!! *snickers nefariously* /thinks to self/ 'man, if this works, i'll get this cute girl to be my girlfriend and i'll ride the cool roller coasters! c'mon, luck be a lady tonight!' *crosses fingers and gulps* s-so.. *adjusts collar and looks firmly* what do oyu sasy to my proposal? *waits patiently*
『⑨』 Saucy Apr 1 @ 8:06am 
You remind me of burnt, aged, moldy cheese, that's been put into a freezer.

Tasty, isn't it?
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