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the master of almost hitting my targets   Arkansas, United States
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❆~A little about me~❆

You can just call me Pinstripe since I sometimes change my name from time to time.

I'm basically someone who likes to listen to music and waste my time on the internet and play some stuff here and then.

I'm not much of the excitable type so I'm usually just kinda chill.

I tend to like the following:
-Jazz, Funk, Rock, etc. (just any music around those genres)
-Sometimes listening to music I can't understand
-Being bad at games (specifically TF2)
-Play as Pyro
-Use words like "perhaps", "heck", "darn", etc.
-Saying stupid stuff for no good reason
-Put spaces around letters in words to make it look more e x p a n d e d
-Maybe some other stuff I forgot about because my memory is garbage

I'm not very keen on accepting random friend requests. You gotta have played with me a little in something if you want to be friended.

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1,537 hrs on record
last played on Feb 18
2.0 hrs on record
last played on Feb 9
9.1 hrs on record
last played on Jan 23
we must kill that foul nord Feb 12 @ 3:41am 
Nutmeg Shitstain Feb 10 @ 12:07pm 
ITS A TRAP ( literally )
Felix... Feb 10 @ 11:55am 
Uh oh! You now have stage 5 gay!
Type "Felix is best girl" to be cured!
peruanito.cachonditox69 Jan 14 @ 10:29pm 
Nobody plays tf2 at 2018
❆Mr. Pinstripe Suit❆ Jan 6 @ 5:08pm 
i'll do it next time <;^)
-rep Did not uber our smg Sniper on mannhattan