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CS:GO / CS:CZ / League of Legends / TF2

CS:GO Related Things

Don't try to scam me, you'll waste my time.

I've been scammed in the past and am aware of any type of scam you throw at me.

I own the 3rd best float Bayonet | Night FN in the world, non-duped (used to be second best in the world, but someone unboxed a better one)

TF2 Related Things

I own a clean Spellbound Nanobalaclava, clean Stormy 13th Hour Nanobalaclava, clean Smoking Nanobalaclava, clean The Ooze Nanobalacalva and a clean Kill-A-Watt Sergeant's Drill Hat along with a Specialized Killstreak Australium knife and other goodies.

https://imgur.com/a/9PPkmJi - what i aspire to be

Things I've Gifted

I gifted a Cloud 9 Scotsman's Stove Pipe to a man named Button

I also gifted a Circling TF Logo Battle Boonie to a man named Dr. Frog

Some nice conversations:

GHOSTÓ|trade.tf: Look at my DANK new scout set!
y3ezz: Please stop talking
GHOSTÓ|trade.tf: OR WHAT?!
Snowy: I'll cum in your froot loops

♕MiniFireman♕ : im married don't rape me

5:54 PM - chump: is it
5:54 PM - chump: canes or kanes
5:54 PM - chump: idk i always forget
5:54 PM - y3ezz: AHHAHAAHAHAHA
5:54 PM - y3ezz: WTF
5:54 PM - y3ezz: RAISING KANES

THE LAW : Now I remember why I quit this game
THE LAW : makes me want to put my dick in a blender

Want to add me?

Make sure you have a good reason.

If I know you in real life, feel free to add me <3

Make sure you have a steam level above 10 unless I know you in real life.

If you have a private inventory, don't bother adding me as I will block you because every single scam attempt someone has made on me they've had a private inventory and some bs description on their profile as to why they are good to trade with and what their "policies" are.
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cash carti bitch*!++)+ Dec 7 @ 7:55pm 
EnoT Dec 5 @ 8:56pm 
But he still trading, didn’t sell keys for cash and I think it was lie.
Jt Dec 4 @ 5:34pm 
if you would take 150 pure i can do that if not we can negotiate but if feell like you might want to do that in steam chat not on your profile? XD
Jt Dec 4 @ 5:31pm 
how low will you go on that ninja hood in pure?
Joeg™ Dec 4 @ 9:40am 
I was gonna say lmao
Desertbuggy Dec 2 @ 11:10pm 
Added for ninja hood