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Personal Achievements

King of the Hill

Destroy 360 load out points of units from a vantage point in a single match.

Snake in the Grass

Destroy 240 load out points of units from the cover of brush in a single match.

The Dead CAN Hurt You!

Elminate an enemy unit using your company abilities after your forces have all been defeated.

There Can Be Only ME!

Successfully kill a last man standing unit with your own last man standing unit.

Totalitarian Supremecy

Win a match 250 points to 0.

Comeback Kid

Win a match after coming back from a 200+ point deficit.


Overwhelm the enemy and win the match in under 5 minutes.

Lone Survivor

Win or draw a match after all of your teammates have been eliminated.

Mixed Bag

Win a match using a customized company with more thant two unit types.

Trench Warfare

The game enters a stalemate resulting in a tie game.


In a single match, lock the primary and secondary objectives.

Personal assistant

Get 180 score in assists in a single match.

The Natural

Achieve company of the match 15 times.
0 / 15

To the Victor Go the Spoils

Win 10 matches in a row.
0 / 10

Hoarding, it's an Addiction

Unlock 75 perks.
0 / 75