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Ritwik Gupta   Himachal Pradesh, India
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                               :pentagram: Ex High Tier Gambler     :pentagram: Entrepreneur     :pentagram: Collector

                                                            :pentagram: Trader         :pentagram: Broker

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Raffle Club 2015

Brokering Service


ι provιde a preмιυм вroĸerιng ѕervιce ғor нιgн proғιle тraderѕ. тнe ѕervιce вeιng provιded ιѕ noт lιмιтed тo тғ②, ι provιde тнιѕ ѕervιce ғor cѕ:go and pυвg coммodιтιeѕ aѕ well. one condιтιon ιѕ тнaт yoυ are reqυιred тo нave no тagѕ on ѕтeaм rep.
ι provιde a ѕaғe and ѕecυre envιronмenт тo ғacιlιтaтe an eaѕy and нaѕѕle ғree ѕale oғ yoυr ιтeмѕ wιтнoυт any rιѕĸ oғ вeιng ѕcaммed.

pleaѕe ĸeep ιn мιnd, ι вroĸer нιgн тιer ιтeмѕ eхclυѕιvely.

Following is the agreement that will be have to be accepted by the interested party if I am to broker for them.

"This is a trade agreement between [Ryfg]Lucifer and 'Your Username' . Both parties acknowledge that any violation of the clauses that will go along with this trade agreement will lead to a PERMANENT ban on SteamRep and/or any other community that orients around trading.

Following are the clauses that need to be followed by both involved parties

- User will trade me the item he wants 'brokered' via Trade offer.
- The fees is 10% of total sales. The fees should be paid in all pure unless discussed otherwise.
- If the user feels like he no longer wants his items brokered and wants them back, he is required to pay 5% of the total value of items. Again, this payment should be made in pure unless discussed otherwise. This payment is made for the time I spent trying to find a deal for the user.
- If the user is 'Afk' or 'offline' for more than 4 months before prior notice, I will assume ownership of the assigned item(s)."

ι нave ғacιlιтaтed a loт oғ dealѕ ғor a loт oғ people wιтн мy ѕervιce and ѕoмe oғ тнe ιтeмѕ тнaт ι нad/нave вeen aѕѕιgned тo вroĸer were/are ->
- golden pan
- collecтor'ѕ ĸιller eхclυѕιve.
- arcana вranιac.
- a ѕeт тнaт coмprιѕed oғ нellғιre вranιac,deмonғlaмe pυѕнer,darĸвlaze geezer,ѕтrange ғeѕтιve ѕнoтgυn,ѕтrange gυnѕlιnger.
- вυттerғly ĸnιғe | ѕlaυgнтer мw
- вυrnιng ғlaмeѕ daѕ gυтenĸυттeнaren.
- мornιng glory reвel roυѕer.
- vιvιd мoυnтeвanĸ'ѕ мaѕqυe.
- p. ғeттι valнalla.
and a loт мore..!

Some Useful Links :

Tf2 Outpost Profile [www.tf2outpost.com]

Rep.tf Profile [rep.tf]

Steam Rep Profile [steamrep.com]

Backpack.tf Profile [backpack.tf]

Youtube Channel

Recommended Vedios
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6LlRjblCuI - I58 Outro (feels)[/b]
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Please DO NOT add me if you do not have the required amount of keys/items needed to buy any of my items.

Below I will mention the highlights of my backpack along with a firm price on each of them. No one has the authority to question my prices and if he/she does not like the price tag then they can very well leave.

Team Fortress 2

Killer Exclusive's

#3 Killer Exclusive : 1200 keys.
#5 Killer Exclusive : 1000 keys.
#7 Killer Exclusive : 1000 keys.
#13 Killer Exclusive : 900 keys.

107 #55 Items : Up for offers.

15 #13 Items : Up for offers.

Level 1-100 Tradable HHH Collection : Up for offers.
Level 1-100 Vintage Ambassador Collection : Up for offers.

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Black Pearl <3
[⇄] SteenX_ACID B>Cards Nov 14 @ 8:47am 
Hi Adding Cus I Would Like To Buy Your Steam Trading Cards For 2 Scrap Each Ty
Den Nov 14 @ 3:11am 
Adding because need some help with trading bot.
[MP|CP]GeneralWolfe Nov 13 @ 2:06pm 
Added to buy an unusual on your bots inv
『Airborne Anger』 Nov 12 @ 7:58pm 
Added because i believe you are the owner of the bot that has a frostbite Dr's Dapper topper and i want to offer.
Kalizar - Designer Nov 12 @ 1:33pm 
np i know you want to spread the word, just please not in my bots comments :)
blizz LOOT.FARM Nov 10 @ 6:06am 
Add kiya h accept karna, bot k baare me