Hi, I'm just your average 19 years-old dude. Below are some more random facts about me.

I like:
-Animals (especially wolves, cats, insects and reptiles)
-2D games
-Platformers and roguelites
-Challenging games
-Sleeping and relaxing
-Anime, manga and light novels (no weebo though)
-EDM music
-The SCP universe (creative writing website)

I dislike:
-Talking a lot
-Mosquitos (who likes them anyway?)
-My first language
-Doing things I don't want to do (weird right?)

My favorite games:
-All which I wrote positive reviews for
-Some others which aren't on steam but I don't wanna list them all

Things I'm good at:
-Disc Jam
-Teeworlds fng
-Enter the Gungeon
-Being lazy
-Being creative

Things I'm bad at:
-Most things
but especially:
-Making decisions
-Being honest

I'm also on these platforms with the same username:
- Reddit
- Youtube (though I rarely upload)
- Twitch [] (though I never stream)
- Discord (@Index154#1054)
- Greedbutt []
- Wikia []
- Some more places that are less important
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CheetoSnorter69 Aug 5 @ 10:57am 
Okay, thanks!
Index154 Aug 5 @ 4:51am 
To do a quickjump you have to walljump without sprinting and start holding sprint once you're in the air.
CheetoSnorter69 Aug 4 @ 6:17pm 
You said something about a quickjump in a tutorial I read. I heard it was the fastest way to climb a wall. Could you tell me how to do it?
Index154 Apr 21 @ 9:55am 
If you somehow find yourself on this page, I wish you a nice day!
Index154 Dec 20, 2017 @ 5:16am 
Merry easter
☆Romchy☆ Dec 19, 2017 @ 5:40pm 
:2015holly: :2015candycane: Spreading some holiday cheer :) ! :2015candycane: :2015holly: