Just your average dude. 23+ years old. Working in IT. More facts below in case you care.

- 2D games, platformers, roguelikes, indie games, challenging games
- Sleeping
- Food, especially chocolate
- Animals (cats, dogs, reptiles and even some insects as long as they aren't moving erratically or invading my living space)
- Coding (small personal projects)
- EDM music | My favorite artists are Virtual Riot, Mameyudoufu & Chime. Some others I like: Rob Gasser, Geoxor, Teminite, The Brig, RIOT
- Collecting YuGiOh cards
- Collecting cool figures (for example from Monster Hunter)
- The SCP universe
- Content creators Northernlion & Jerma
- Manga & light novels (though I don't like to talk about them)
- I used to like Anime but I haven't watched any in years
- Interesting and cool fantasy designs, especially dragons

Favorite games
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I'm also on these platforms
- Reddit
- Youtube
- Twitch []
- Discord (@artificialIndex)
- Some other places that are less important

I also have a website where I put some stuff for fun:
Review Showcase
68 Hours played
6/10 (B-tier)
Interesting against my expectations.

  • I like the feeling of progression. There are many things to unlock and you constantly find new upgrades, ways to make more money, better weapons and starships
  • Random events can be interesting
  • Looking for rare ships and multi tools can be fun
  • Lots of missions which can be done to unlock cosmetics and decorations
  • Base building seems pretty cool
  • Some planet types are quite rare and interesting to come across the first time
  • There are a lot of freely adjustable settings to make the game less annoying. For example you can turn off the need to recharge various devices with fuel. Having to constantly collect materials just so you can fly your ship or shoot your gun is very boring
  • Sometimes you find funny looking animals or planets with funny names
  • The multiplayer elements seem nice although I haven't engaged with them much yet

  • Exploration feels lack-luster due to repetitive points of interest, bland planets as well as flora and fauna being too inconsequential
  • Annoying weather mechanics on 90% of planets
  • Starship controls and combat are clunky
  • Ground-based combat is not engaging. The enemy variety is too small. Enemies either pose no threat at all or are way too powerful yet easily cheesed. Most attacks can't be dodged reliably, leading to mindless battles where winning doesn't really feel deserved
  • There are a bunch of common annoyances. For example: I've had an issue where opening the inventory would ALWAYS default to the starship menu, making me switch tabs every time to access my player inventory. Another thing is that, in order to get to the multiplayer hub, you usually have to fly into space, summon the station and then fly into it. Why not just let the player teleport directly into it from any portal. There are several such minor but annoying things
  • You can't shoot NPCs directly or kill them in any way
  • The language system is somewhat interesting but collecting words is just tedious

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196 hrs on record
last played on Sep 30
68 hrs on record
last played on Sep 20
Index154 Apr 4 @ 10:05am 
Actually, you should not even look at my mod at all because it's a terrible reference for translation mods due to how it works (it replaces entire files instead of only the text)
Index154 Apr 4 @ 10:00am 
I'm afraid I won't be able to tell you much. If you ask this because I made a mod altering the text in the game then you can find everything I know just by looking at the files of the mod...
obsolete Apr 4 @ 9:20am 
Hey, can I ask you about how to make a translation mod for Isaac?
Index154 Nov 20, 2021 @ 1:12pm 
thanks thanks brother (for letting me understand)
IguanaOstrava Nov 20, 2021 @ 9:55am 
nice this profile
CountDrako Feb 8, 2020 @ 6:39am