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Click dat More Info button. It's lonely. I'm lonely.

Before you ask me if I want to play TF2:
I stopped. Why?
Well, I've found a new addiction in Overwatch. I'll post my Battle.net account on this soon.
Also, I would appreciate if Valve stopped trying to turn TF2 into Lottery Simulator: Knife Edition.
EDIT: Nevermind, I'm back. c:

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Apparently I have more creativity than others? I can make up characters on the spot, but I just assumed anyone could do that since it's incredibly easy for me. Apparently not, cuz I've met people who couldn't. This confuses me.

I don't RP anymore. At least not with people who aren't in my inner circle of friends. That includes my best friends and my sister. This is for the best, as I keep getting requests asking to RP, when I know full well I won't be able to keep up with all of them at once. It's best to keep it at a minimum of 4 people max, and even that can get hard at times considering that I am an ADHD boi, and that when I RP, I go hardcore, at least if I'm really, REALLY into it.

in other news, local faggot gains a broader taste in music and is now no longer fully emo lol

What, you think my profile picture is sexy just to help you get off? I put that up there for my own amusement, not yours, perv~.

nedrow4: Gagey, my loving boyfriend.
He makes GMod vignettes that are great. Check his shit out, please. http://nedrow4.deviantart.com/

I'm not accepting friend requests anymore, at least not until I get my shit together. Until that happens, don't expect me to add you unless we already know eachother in real life or otherwise.

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ZeroAlpha-2487 Mar 17 @ 10:00pm 
But, Domesticon, Love and Hate are the same thing when you think about it like this, you "hate" the Snek, but, you in a way, Love Jojo, who is friends with the Snek, so by extension, You love the Snek!
Domesticon Mar 17 @ 9:59pm 
No, they're a huge loser, I hat you. I hat you so much.
I'm a girl. Mar 17 @ 1:38am 
friendly banter :^)
ZeroAlpha-2487 Mar 17 @ 1:25am 
whats been going on ?
Domesticon Mar 16 @ 9:42pm 
Shush snek
I'm a girl. Mar 16 @ 12:37am 
peeny pooner