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If you are here for anything Star by Star Gaming related, please read the [SBS] information showcase below before sending me a friends request. Otherwise, you may add me freely. Thank you.
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ⓘ Please do not add me if:

- You are contacting me about anything in my inventory or for trading. I will instantly block you, so don't even bother. I am not interested.

- You have a donation inquiry or issue. Please send all donation related inquiries or issues to my personal email at: theguyontwitch@gmail.com

- You were banned from a SBS server. Please post a ban appeal on the corresponding server's ban appeal section on our website, found in the links below. I DO NOT DEAL WITH BAN APPEALS AND I WILL NOT UNBAN YOU. PERIOD. All of our staff work HARD for us voluntarily and I will not step on their toes. They deserve their own authority and I will not act executively over bans.

- You have suggestions for a SBS server. I appreciate the feedback and ideas, but you must understand that I can't give respond to every single suggestion that every single person wants to make. Please post your suggestions in the corresponding server's forums on our website, found in the links below.

- You are trying to pressure me to respond to a message on our website or an email. I can't believe I even have to add this here, but some people have no area and are relentless.

- You are here to complain about a minuscule issue involving one of SBS's servers. I honestly don't have the time to hear you complain about being randomly arrested or sent to detention on a server. That's what the SERVER STAFF are for.

- You are here to complain about staff on a SBS server. Please post a formal report or complaint on our forums in the corresponding section for the server you are experiencing issues with staff or otherwise on, links below. At the least, please contact the staff manager. Their profile is also linked below.

My intent is not to come off negatively, but you must understand that its an unrealistic expectation for me to have to deal with every issue individually. Please be courteous, and make a post in the appropriate area on our forums, or take the issue to the correct community staff, unless it's absolutely detrimental.

Useful Contacts & Links 🔗

Star by Star Gaming Website & Forums [starbystargaming.com]
Star by Star Gaming Steam Group

We have a staff structure and lots of staff members whom you can contact before even coming to me with your issue. I should be your LAST resort, simply because we have plenty of staff that can help you resolve your issue without involving me. If your problem is URGENT and you feel you absolutely need help, or a formal complaint or post on the forums will not work, please contact the appropriate community staff member:

- [SBS] Alex - Community Supervisor (Can help with most anything)
- Albert Sterling - Forum Manager (Can help with most anything forums related, including issues with forum admins)

- Michael Tuberosum - Hogwarts Server Manager (Directly handles and deals with server related issues)
- Satia - Hogwarts Staff Manager (Directly handles and deals with server staff and staff issues)

- [SBS] Corgi - Clone Wars Server Manager (Directly handles and deals with server related issues)

- ZubeySweet - Halo Server Co-owner (Directly oversees all server operations)
- Nisari'Nite - Halo Server Manager (Directly handles and deals with server related issues)
- EElsord - Halo Staff Manager (Directly handles and deals with server staff and staff issues)

ⓘ To my friends

If you get deleted, don't take it personal. Especially if you change your name a lot. I'm constantly deleting people with names I don't recognize. (I'm too lazy to give EVERYONE nicknames, sorry.)

I get lots of friend requests each day, so don't be offended if yours gets denied.

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