beyonce the slump god
rick owens on my bed i drip when im dreamin'   United States
Attrition: Im going to come back when there's less bad happening

Skeez: [1:53:46 AM] You were kicked from the server by br: faggot.

3:33 AM - feminism saved my life: do you ever go to sleep
3:34 AM - skeez: i am the night
3:34 AM - skeez: i am black

jon_beer: lmao
jon_beer: why are you mad virgin

SPLATOON 2 ESEA S1 2017 LAN CHAMPION MVP - Fresh Kiddo Squiddos

game ban is for toxic behavior in unturned

Nevada Wolf Pack

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1 game ban on record | Info
82 day(s) since last ban
Attrition : inflate that sad ego
(-TN-) BK-|aF : come say it to my face drew

(-TN-) BK-|aF : you just gonna hide behind a screen like takram does

(-TN-) Jen.acide : aside from being 17 and a troll
(-TN-) Jen.acide : he doesn't have much going for him

(-TN-) BK-|aF : come say it to my face drew
(-TN-) BK-|aF : yea im fuckign talking to you kid
(-TN-) BK-|aF : he has no friends, its aite

rTik<Prophecy>: yeah your a fuckboi whiteboy
snacks<Logic>: rejects
hiimike<Vindicators>: your a braindead person
hiimike<Vindicators>: fcking salty as fck
hiimike<Vindicators>: and your brain at school is iq 0
hiimike<Vindicators>: your fcking shit
hiimike<Vindicators>: ahahahha
Yung2Gunz: god damn idiot
Yung2Gunz: leave the darkness of your mom's basement
SirSquiggles89: DO not insult the marines
STS.Box: shut the fuck up man
STS.Box: kill yourself
Meowls: You're fucking stupid.
Py.Atmos: Either way, all recorded
zero6489: you racist bitch
[ALL] BoHaN_88: you started hsooting people stfu american retard
[ALL] BoHaN_88: grow some balls and get a man's voice
Meowls: You're fucking stupid dude. kys.
[ALL] Heroing.: nasty fuck reported
VanillaMinus: damn sand niggers
STS.Box: crank you fat cheetho eating peice of shit anyways youre a faggot
SpectreOhEight: go use a tampon and then come back later.
CarboN_6: islam only cares about themselves.
[ALL] Heroing.: stfu goat fucker
Meowls: Total fucking trash.
VanillaMinus: no need to talk why talk to you
Zab__: you're a shit troll
Zab__: im fucking better
ItZJAyBee: cant wait for russias nukes.
[ALL] BoHaN_88: fucking sissy boy
Prepetrat0r: stfu sand nigger
STS.Box: i think hes a bit mad cuz his family doesnt love him
Meowls: You're trash
Meowls: You're just a cunt.
Meowls: Fuck you man.
xMetalxMessiahx: what a douche
Cremisino: obv u gotta small dick
vampicide: dude its illegal to pretend to bein the service
vampicide: hes in his parents basement
SealTeams: he knows he can get banned for that because you cant play.
DuStoreAlpakka: sounds like you're talking with a lot of dick in your mouth
DuStoreAlpakka: lol, I dont bother using the mic talking to retarded people.
Gotbeeff: eat my ass
Meowls: Whatever dude, be a cock. You're just a peice of shit. Doesn't fucking change anything.
Eladarmi: holy shit you're gonna get assfucked by ubi.
swordslash20: your a little bitch that cant take a lose
clikityboom: so who is goign to frag this fucking teamkiller.
mobflex: nice job ruining the fun.
SamAdamss: I am a veteran bitch
clikityboom: he tried to kill me
clikityboom: reporting u faggot
Mr.Impeccable: the recoil...
Mr.Impeccable: the boxing hack
Mr.Impeccable: no wonder
BigTasty 1206: nigga shut the fuck up
BigTasty 1206: kill yourselves please.
BigTasty 1206: what a retard
brodyq: suck my fat cock
Eladarmi: holy shit you kids are the scum of the world.
jolinedaniel: semper shut the fuck up you are not a vet
SwaggyMates: thanks for your service but kys
Chairman-Xi: stop doing this or go to COD
Atrosyn: faggot griefers
NTBOO: what did mexico do to u rap your mom and u were born?
Vicasaur: honestly why havent you guys kicked this dick yet
windchill101: report him....
windchill101: faggot
BoggsMercury: usmc, when did you becom such an extremely large pussy. kys
MrMinerGuy142: i think youre a closet jew
BoggsMercury: claims he's a marine
BoggsMercury: clearly he's just a 15 year old
BoggsMercury: terrible ass kids
Eazzyee11: you guys must be real cool people irl huh?
xParaDOSx: lol, they probally suck dick.
popeonlyhope: fill that big mouth with your small cock
Demanufacture: pussy
hat tricks: low sens retard
1:16 PM - jealousy: drew i'm starting to think you really are a cutie pie, a nice person, and solid gamer. thanks for playing!
1:16 PM - jealousy: yesterday i said something different but this is my official statement
idleside : virgin taunt nice drew
*DEAD* offdaxanzzz : why does this retard get a crit everytime
*DEAD* Mr.bulnops : fuck u pyro
*DEAD* ∞ 0 ∞ : tunnel me more cunt
*DEAD* Thinking Man : who needs to be good at backstabs when your this guy
*DEAD* True Capitalist Radio Ghost : tomato are you a nigger by any chance?
Nari : he is a pyro using a cfg with interpolate setting changes to mask his ping
Nari : do you really expect anything beyond cancer tier ?
Nari : lowest default setting for valve is 15 dumbshit
*DEAD* lil_drewzi_vert : cant argue with a cringey brony
Nari : I dunno, using Lil in your name is just as autistic.
*DEAD* YOLO | Ark : aye aimbot fagget
YOLO | Ark : i remeber u
[Lady] 9<3 : you fucking faggot

░░░░█▐▄▒▒▒▌▌▒▒▌░▌▒▐▐▐▒▒▐▒▒▌▒▀▄▀▄░ ░░░█▐▒▒▀▀▌░▀▀▀░░▀▀▀░░▀▀▄▌▌▐▒▒▒▌▐░ ░░▐▒▒▀▀▄▐░▀▀▄▄░░░░░░░░░░░▐▒▌▒▒▐░▌ ░░▐▒▌▒▒▒▌░▄▄▄▄█▄░░░░░░░▄▄▄▐▐▄▄▀░░ ░░▌▐▒▒▒▐░░░░░░░░░░░░░▀█▄░░░░▌▌░░░ ▄▀▒▒▌▒▒▐░░░░░░░▄░░▄░░░░░▀▀░░▌▌░░░ ▄▄▀▒▐▒▒▐░░░░░░░▐▀▀▀▄▄▀░░░░░░▌▌░░░ ░░░░█▌▒▒▌░░░░░▐▒▒▒▒▒▌░░░░░░▐▐▒▀▀▄ ░░▄▀▒▒▒▒▐░░░░░▐▒▒▒▒▐░░░░░▄█▄▒▐▒▒▒ ▄▀▒▒▒▒▒▄██▀▄▄░░▀▄▄▀░░▄▄▀█▄░█▀▒▒▒▒
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has much gay lol
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Favorite game : AVA

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