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How I ruined my life [pastebin.com]

>videocall with idiot who didn't know you use keyboard and mouse to paly osu to show him by pointing camera at keyboard and mouse
>end call in 5 mins
>friend sends convo about idiot to an acquaintance of mine bragging about taking a screenshot of me that could fuck up my life if it was leaked.
>confront idiot
>idiot denies it
>idiot gets confronted with proof
>idiot claims to no longer have screenshot and baits himself by saying it was uploaded anyway
>ask for link
>idiot tries to dodge it and makes excuses
>insist on getting the link
>get the link
> https://imgur.com/a/kR39W so called picture that would ruin my life.
>use it as a profile pic on steam
>kid got tilted and removed me and friends in common

sugar Apr 19 @ 11:04am 
+rep great med ;)
Piney <3 Apr 16 @ 3:27am 
-rep fucks living snakes, beastiality is illegal, poor reptiles
Pitts Apr 9 @ 8:49am 
You two are my hoes, dw
cloudy Apr 9 @ 7:41am 
Sorry pitts piney's mine
Piney <3 Apr 8 @ 9:15am 
My little girl gets mad when I talk to girl or boys, can't talk to anyone smh
Piney <3 Mar 25 @ 8:51am 
gunna fuck you R.A.W. (Respect All Women)