No information given.
Paradoxslave Oct 21 @ 11:44am 
The Mod needs another update cause Paradox hotfix funny
Stalinstauch Sep 24 @ 10:55am 
Does Ivan Serov count as a Soviet in the mod or he doesn't have decisions?
rafabarroso00 Sep 21 @ 11:36am 
oh,right,the that are getting changes are only tymen and buryatia,i bealive the other one will remain the same,you understand
immortalwyy Sep 21 @ 7:20am 
Thanks very much!
But I hear that TNO will change some of them's character, so I will work on it after that
rafabarroso00 Sep 21 @ 6:13am 
I see,i recommed you to create different ones for espefic soviet warlods, here is a list
Kaganovich and kuruchov
And bukharina
Suslov and bessenov Can be the same
What you think?
immortalwyy Sep 21 @ 2:53am 
the same, may be everyone will have their own in the future