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Be kind, fair and honest to your neighbours.
I am a 25 year old tomato, born on Groundhog Day [en.wikipedia.org], which plays video games and causes gratuitous explosions on occasion.

I love video games, and my preferred types are usually :csgoct:first person shooters and :helmet:racing games, but I definitely don't shy away from :cherrypie:other genres either. I'm otherwise passionate about: photography, cars, science (physics in particular), technology, cars, music (especially Drum & Bass and other Electronic genres), digital art and editing, guns, and cars.

When I'm not too busy, I love to chat with my friends about almost anything, whether it be games, latest news, the weather, or a bad pun lots of bad puns. Mind, however, that my Steam status is occasionally unrepresentative of my actual availability, so please have a little patience with me if I don't reply to you straight away.

Fancy adding me? Go right ahead! Do mind that I reserve the right to decline invites if it seems like there's nothing in common - no hard feelings. If you're unsure, leave a comment.

Current PC specs for reasons:
-Asrock x570 Steel Legend
-AMD Ryzen 9 3900X @3.8GHz
-64GB RAM @3200MHz
-GTX 1070 Ti @1440p 60Hz
-2xSamsung 970 Evo Plus 1TB
-plenty of regular SATA storage
-Windows 10 Pro 64bit

Sometimes using an Asus N551JX laptop on the go.

I often upload screenshots and Source Filmmaker artwork. I also sometimes upload videos to my YouTube channel . You can also ask about other media platforms I'm on, though activity is minimal on those.

:SonicManiaTails: Tails is great, and so are cute things.

That should cover it all, see you at the safehouse. :wolf:
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Monarch? There's a reason why we call him what we do.

Project Wingman is an arcade flight combat game, released by indie studio Sector D2 following a highly successful Kickstarter campaign. You play as a silent mercenary pilot, gaining infamy in a post-cataclysm Earth in which the world order was changed.

The game generally looks really good, with a good interface and menu presentation, decent quality plane models, high draw distance and especially beautiful explosions. From up close, you can see the more budget/indie limitations of the title: environment textures and vegetation are a little on the bland side, and the 3D clouds are only "alright". The warm color palette is an interesting and appropriate choice for most of the game, yet, while far from a dealbreaker, some late game missions ramp up the bloom and orange/red colours to a degree that can hamper visibility.

Another game with a banging soundtrack - while subtler and less bombastic in general than its higher budget brethren, Jose Pavli, the composer, hits you with excellent orchestral and dramatic songs through to the end. Good quality sound effects, particularly for the juicy explosions, even if plane noises are on the quiet side. The voice acting from all characters is generally really good, and the banter especially welcome, but during missions they have this odd, somewhat intrusive filterthat muddles clarity and reduces their volume. The absence of proper cutscenes may seem odd, but given the budget, the (highly talented) small scale developer team, and that the debriefing graphics and voice acting are good regardless, it's not at all a concern.

It's good to fly in this game, oooh it's so good. The plane roster at launch is on the small side, at 20 flyable vehicles, but all of them have unique handling characteristics and designated archetypes and roles. The slowpoke attacker may only complete a turn once every two weeks, but anything in front of its gun pods will be melted in a flash, while interceptors boom-and-zoom using long distance AAMs, and advanced thrust vectoring superfighters defy logic and can sacrifice the utility of rechargeable flares in return for on-demand super maneuverability, allowing them to loop by enemies and keep them in their sights, skill permitting.

Setting this game apart from others in the genre, almost all planes but the starter trainer types can mount multiple special weapons at once, leading to true multirole aircraft loaded for any situation, yet realistically without the specialization that true fighters or attackers can give, such as multiple missile locks and higher weapon ammo pools. The actual weapons selection is modest as well, until you get to the endgame superfighters: most planes have some form of long ranged missiles and bombs, while a few others allow additional gun pods and missiles. Using the guns on all planes is incredibly satisfying and even viable; with several planes able to increase their dakka output to ludicrous levels, a full guns-only playthrough is far from impossible.

Missions don't deviate from the core idea of "smash up air/ground targets", though many of them throw curveballs in the form of mission updates, where advanced enemies or "boss" fighter squadrons show up to make things interesting. Between the thousands of missile alerts coming your way and the high variety of mission locales, though, you genuinely won't notice the somewhat small roster of mission objectives. A token touch of realism comes from the missiles themselves: having accurate all-aspect tracking from all entities means that you're always on your toes throughout the game. Player plane durability on all difficulties is adequately high that you can afford to make a few mistakes, but the lack of checkpoints can certainly be a cause for frustration, as later levels may drag on and wear you down.

The story is fairly straightforward for a majority of the game, yet that doesn't dismiss it as a bland or boring one: Sicario, a mercenary company, gets hired to assist in Cascadia's independence war effort as it tries to withdraw from the Federation - a rare example of the Federation being the bad guys! What follows is a fair chunk of the game playing out the plausible-war scenario, complete with a reoccurring highly trained enemy fighter squadron that you fight several times. Into the third act, the Federation launches cordium-enriched missile strikes at Prospero, one of Cascadia's largest cities, turning it into a hellish molten landscape while simultaneously triggering a smaller scale Calamity in the Pacific Ring of Fire. With the two main factions stretching themselves to nearly the breaking point by the final attack to liberate Presidia, and the threat of bounty hunters going after the protagonists, even if they survive the battle, after their identities were leaked, it falls down to Monarch, the player character, to stop further destruction and potential mass extinction at the hands of the delusional, jingoistic leader of Crimson Squadron, in a grueling boss-only final duel. The story seldom treads new grounds, the antagonist is sadly shallow and the final mission has a fourth hidden phase after the first three health bars are depleted, grrrr, but still acknowledges the sources of its inspirations and succeeds in delivering an engrossing plot with a bittersweet, if simple, ending.

In addition to the campaign, the game comes with a gamemode called "Conquest Mode", in which story is eschewed in favour of a unique roguelite experience: missions are randomly generated on a Risk-style territory map, and as you advance, you gain currency to purchase new planes (which carry over across playthroughs) and extra wingmen (which don't) - but eventually the difficulty rises to such a degree you get basically no breathing space between the railgun, AA and missile fire raining on you, on Normal difficulty settings. Not for the faint of heart.

The campaign offers a fair chunk of playtime on its own; Conquest mode is potentially endlessly replayable yet somewhat predictable in flow and will eventually fall into the common roguelike pitfalls; and if somehow you find the normal game to not be difficult enough, there are lots of difficulty modifiers to enable after one story completion, to make the difficulty completely ridiculous.

Project Wingman is a fantastic love letter to the flight combat genre. Its homage-like presentation and the limits of its indie nature prevent it from totally soaring into history, but past all of its issues is a highly engaging and engrossing game, definitely worth the purchase.
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