Micah (69420bits)   California, United States
look at this before adding me, you scamming natwat
wish i had a girlfriend

comment before adding

yea, i know your crap, man.
don’t try to eat up my profile’s contents,
because i know your tricks,
i know that you didn’t accidentally report me,
it almost happened to me before,
i searched up the “steam admin scam”,
so don’t even try,
you natwat.

susie got your number
susie ain't your friend
look who caught you under with 7 inches in
blood is on the dance floor
blood is on the knife
susie's got your number
susie says it's right

unfun facts about me:
i’m arachnophobic
i want a girlfriend
i’m male
i’m literally 10 (look at my yt channel for proof)
i’m straight
i like michael jackson music
i hate that modern “depressing” cover of “can’t take my eyes off of you”
i ate a full champy’s meal without packaging any leftovers
i eat mac n’ cheese
yro’reou momthy suxcks on mi diary a
my name is micp because i’m micah amd my last name starts with p

a poopie
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lol jk this isn’t for sale it’s literally what shaped the beansniper
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we hate gacha and stuff
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Brootal Meem Dec 3 @ 7:21pm 
Pink scout Dec 2 @ 6:58pm 
wait what he last online is 7 years ago?
Lmao this guy has been dead for so like tf you mean shpee
shpee Nov 27 @ 1:56am 
+rep, lets play tf2, we played before
Toasty! Nov 24 @ 9:51am 
rock Nov 16 @ 6:15pm 
then play some 18+ game yeah