Hayden   New Jersey, United States
L4D speedrunner (RTA), streamer, and moderator for L4D games on - watch live at
also, click view more info to see my bad CoD Zombies PBs

Not to say I'm some god or anything, but most of these rounds are pretty ♥♥♥♥, but they are also like my "only attempts" at high rounds. I guarantee if I retried all of the maps I've entered scores for I would blow each one of them out of the park by a fairly large margin.

Format - Map...............Solo / Co-Op

I didn't start playing Call of Duty until BO2. So all of my personal bests on WaW and BO1 are not noteworthy because I didn't find the maps that fun. However I really like them on BO3, probably because of the differences in gameplay and the overall more modern feel of zombies that I am much more accustomed to.

Black Ops 2 (my most played game) plans to get a high round
Town........................38/32 - 4 player plans, however I did have a nice round 20 4p where I got 69 revives
Die Rise...................88 June 2018/55 (2015ish w/ Acered)
Mob of the Dead......43(2015)/38 (4p - late 2013)
Buried......................78(2013)/45 (w/ a friend)
Origins.....................49 (2019)/39 (3p 2017/18)

Classic = Classic GobbleGums, Mega = Mega Gobblegums

Shadows of Evil.........69 - classic/no plans, nobody to play with
The Giant...................plans/48 - mega (w/ TheBKMan)
Der Eisendrache........56/49 - mega (disconnection)
Zetsubou No Shima...39 suicide/45 suicide
Gorod Krovi................I don't really like this map so who knows if this text will ever be erased
Revelations................92 classic/55, friend literally sat AFK behind me on his phone for like 40 minutes and was "wtf, we are on round 55??". For solo I crash on just about every attempt or die from some stupid ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ because it gets boring and I have a terrible attention span so I start playing suuuper sloppy and slowly.

Zombies Chronicles in BO3
Nacht Der Untoten...probably never because this map is disgustingly slow and boring
Verrückt...................48 - classic, no QR (insane run, insane RNG)
Shi No Numa...........maybe, but probably never

Kino Der Toten.........
Ascension................70 - classic GG (quit when prestige completed)
Moon........................73 - classic on New Years 2019, it was the first time I ever played a high round on this map and I kept making mistakes and pressing buttons because I played on Xbox. I'm not as used to the controls as I used to be so I would occasionally waste Gershes or walk right into a drop when trying to hack it. For now I'm overly bored of this map but I'll probably try it again in the future since it's the fastest map on Easy Ops 3 and is truly super easy.

Origins......................93 post-patch, 53 pre-patch (back when 3 Panzers were a thing in solo)

I have completed the following Easter Eggs:
Call of the Dead on 2 player Co-Op
Moon - once with 3 randoms
Moon Remastered - twice in one day for fun
TranZit - quite a few times
Die Rise - about 5-10 times on Richtofen side and once on Maxis
Mob of the Dead - easy EE
Buried - done 2-3 times Richtofen side
Origins - at least 30-40 times, also died on last step on solo
Shadows of Evil - 4 player
Der Eisendrache - Solo and 3 player Co-Op
Zetsubou No Shima - Solo and Co-Op multiple times
Gorod Krovi - 4p and 2p
Revelations - Once for super EE on Xbox
Currently Offline
Video Showcase
1:09 Highway
Links and other cringe stuff : aciidz [] - I'm a runner & mod for the L4D series. I would like to get into Portal 2 in the future, and maybe Portal 1 OOB
Twitch : xImAciidz [] - I stream speedruns here
YouTube Channel : aciidz - Speedrun tutorials, and actual speedruns get uploaded here
Xbox Live : ImAciidz - Recently acquired a Series X, play Xbox on and off in varying amounts : ImAciidz#1461 (BO:CW, BO4 all DLC, never once played any of the DLC though)
Origin : ImAciidz (have BF4, BF3, BF1, and Titanfall 2)
R6S Smurf - I've more or less quit playing R6, it causes me too much stress and I am genuinely too antisocial to find a group to play with

Social Club ID: JohnTrollston
My GTA V achievements were not unlocked using SAM or another program, I transferred my character from Xbox One which was also transferred from 360. I've spent over 1400 hours on this game across 360 and One and I have all of the achievements for both versions of the game (100% storymode and everything) so it may appear I have cheated achievements, but if you look on my Xbox gamertag for One you can see when I earned each achievement for Online.

PC Specs
Originally built in March 2016 (only remaining OG parts are the 500GB SSD, case, and PSU)

OS - Windows 10 Pro (tried 11 for 4 days but had problems with OBS, so I reverted)
CPU - R5 5600
CPU Cooler - DeepCool AK620
Motherboard - MSI MAG B550 Tomahawk
RAM - 32GB (2x16GB) Crucial Ballistix Gaming DDR4-3200MHz (16-18-18-36) - 09/2020
SSD - 2TB SK hynix P31 Gold NVMe (OS 2022)
SSD 2 - 500GB Samsung 850 EVO (OS 3/2016-2/13/2022)
SSD 3 - 1TB Western Digital SN550 NVMe
HDD 1 - 6TB Western Digital Caviar Blue (3/12/2021)
HDD 2 - 2TB Toshiba P300
HDD 3 - 1TB Western Digital Caviar Blue
GPU - EVGA RTX 3060 Ti 8GB FTW3 ULTRA - 12/28/2021
PSU - EVGA G2 850W 80+ Gold Rated
Case - NZXT S340 (Blue/Black)
Keyboard - Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 SE RAPIDFIRE (MX Speed) - 07/2020
Mouse - Main - Logitech G PRO Wireless - June 2019
Mouse 2 - Current - Logitech G305 Wireless - August 2020 - backup because it would seem Logitech does not make good products (as both my mice are now defective in some way in late 2021)
Mouse 3 - Meme - Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum - used to have a core but the scrollwheel got weird on that one so Logitech sent me this one at the time

Monitor 1 - ASUS VG259QM 24.5" 1080p 280Hz G-Sync (Feb 2021) - Center
Monitor 2 - Acer XF240H 24" 1080p 144Hz Freesync - Right
Monitor 3 - Acer GN246HL 24" 1080p 1ms 144Hz - Left

Old stuff (motherboard died Nov 7 2020)
CPU - i7-5820K 6C12T OC @ 4.3GHz
CPU Cooler - Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO
Motherboard - Gigabyte X99 UD3P (LGA 2011-3)
RAM - 16GB (2x8GB) Avexir Core (Blue) DDR4-2400MHz (16-16-16-36)
HDD - 1TB WD Blue (replaced by 6TB due to being 5 years old)
GPU - Sapphire Nitro R9 390 8GB
GPU - ASUS GTX 1060 6GB Turbo - Jan 2019

Second PC
ASUS ROG G11CD-B13 - Paid $600 for in January 2018, refurbished
CPU - i5-6400 @ 2.7GHz
CPU Cooler - Stock
Motherboard - ASUS H110 Motherboard
RAM - 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4-2133MHz RAM
SSD - 500GB Sandisk SSD
SSD 2 - 500GB Inland Premium TLC SSD - 09/2020, for school OS install
HDD - 1TB Toshiba
GPU - ASUS Turbo GTX 1060 6GB (Blower model)
GPU - EVGA GTX 550Ti - 09/2020, I've had this laying around and just wanted dual 75Hz monitor support
GPU - Zotac GTX 960 2GB - 04/2021 - courtesy of the YouTube famous Reid Captain
PSU - 460W (approx) PSU
Case - This is obvious

Purchased at the peak of the original ETH boom for what was an insane deal at the time, given the availability and extreme prices (similar to now in mid 2021). I planned to sell the GPU to basically get a free computer, but I almost never do anything I say I will when I buy something, so I just held on to it instead. CPU is too weak for gaming nowadays, and the original GPU is in my main system, so yeah.

Third-ish PC
Built in June 2015, originally with a Pentium G3258 @ 4.0GHz and a H81 board. Upgraded it in November 2018 to a 3570K + Z68 board.

CPU - i5 3570K @ 4.3GHz
CPU Cooler - Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO
Motherboard - ASUS P8Z68-V LE
RAM - 24GB Kingston 1866 CAS 10 RAM (2x4GB + 2x8GB)
SSD - 120GB Crucial MX100
HDD - 1TB Western Digital Caviar Blue
GPU - MSI R9 270 2GB Twin Frozr
GPU - ASUS ROG STRIX RX 570 4GB OC - Feb 2019, R9 270 died
PSU - Ultra 750W PSU
Case - NZXT Source 210 Elite - White

Alienware M14xR2 (Laptop)
I got this in February 2013, actually the last day of January if you want to be specific, but it was a good entry to higher end PC gaming (at the time) for me. Now it just sits and collects dust until I get around to re-appropriating it.

i7 3630QM @ 2.4 GHz

Novideo GT 650m 2GB (equal to a GT 730, AKA, your average $200 HP ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥)

8GB (2x4GB) DDR3-1333MHz (CAS 11)

256GB Samsung PM830 SSD
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Call of Duty: Black Ops III
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-rep l4d2 speedrunner AND moderator for runs.
Uncultivated Nov 29 @ 1:06pm 
so this guy... speedruns? left 4 dead 2? ... i mean, okay? like, it can't be fun to play the same game over and over again. on your profile it says you have 4000 attempts on mains, isn't that category like an hour and a half long??? you've spent 6000 hours on mains alone??? i mean, im not, like, the police. you can spend your time how you want. i just personally would spend that time playing versus maybe or maybe playing the superioer speed game left 4 dead 1. (not that i would speedrun that either. i would also play left 4 dead 1 versus.) if u ever need tips onhow to pounce epically or play tank like pro, u can call me
aciidz Nov 18 @ 1:37am 
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+rep Showed me his amazing full mast ♥♥♥♥. 10/10 would recommend asking to see it again.

(Nobody tell him but he’s a cute pretentious Chad)
Slayur Nov 12 @ 8:08am 
NICE C OCK ( ☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) ☞ Ɑ͞ ̶͞ ̶͞ ̶͞ ̶͞ ̶͞ ﻝﮞ͞
Uncultivated Nov 9 @ 7:51pm 
+rep let me eat his toothpaste