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wright Jun 14 @ 6:40am 
People who make fun of people for being virgins...Like what the actual fudge. They are human too, you motherfudger! I would rather play my video games than try to spread my genes or strenuously exert myself. I just don’t feel like it. So shut up, thanks. If I could choose between an hour of anime watching and having sex, I would choose the former. I don’t want to risk an unwanted pregnancy or getting an STD. Do you know why you make fun of Virgins? Because you are so insecure yourself. Ha. Or maybe you’re ignorant of the fact that the one you are insulting is a human being just like you. SMH. IF YOU CANNOT BRING YOURSELF UP, BRING SOMEONE ELSE DOWN. Pathetic. Why people gotta be so mean? What hurt you? Seriously! TO VIRGIN HATERS...FUDGE YOU. Like people who hate virgins need to chill the fudge down and mind their own business
157bpm Mar 30 @ 4:25am 
My idol, my icon. I strive to be you one day. Honored to be called your prodigy
What Name? Mar 23 @ 4:22am 
clearly the best mic spammer on ds ever to be seen, before cleanslate this man had 700-800 mutes truly unforgettable
loc Mar 11 @ 5:29am 
Should be publicly executed
🌴 proppie 🌴 Mar 8 @ 3:15am 
add me bro please
MIKE WOMBAT Feb 19 @ 4:37am 
memescoper i ♥♥♥♥ on ur sister and force fed her weetbix