Alex   Romania

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-Real Name: Alex
-Originated from: Romania
-Languages i speak: Romanian, English
-Аge:age is between or 11-14
-Favorite Class: Spy,Sniper,Solider,Scout,Pyro.
-Favorite Colour: Dark Red
-Favorite games: Tf2,CSGO
-Favorite meal/food - KFC sandwich (every single one of them) and sarmale (turkish food made out of sorts of meat)

Q: Are you gay?
A:No im not, I am into girls
Q: Which is your main class?
A: Spy,Sniper,Solider and Pyro
Q: What program do u use to record?
A: Bandicam but i have downloaded it the pirate way cuz im a bad boy B
Q: What program do u use to edit?
A: i use adobe premiere pro again pirated :)
Q:What are your main games?
A:TF2,CSGO and sometimes gmod but ill play other stuff idk.
Q:Do you rage?
A:Yes i do rage alot but i try and maintain a calm position.If you experience rage from me do not proceed to not back me up plz back me up since that makes me calmer.
Q:Geez dude you must rage alot, but do you meditate?
A:Yea ill get into it i keep forgetting

Your mom gay
no my mom isnt gay

no im not a noob i got 1k hours of tf2 and 270 hours of csgo get on my level

11 yr old
yes i am 11 yrs old, so what? i dont care do i!?
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