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Personal Achievements

Click, Click, Boom

Defeated 1000 enemies.
0 / 1,000


Defeated 100 enemies through ramming.
0 / 100

Wall of Love

Got in love touch with 10 enemies.

Demolition Master

Defeated 5 enemies with one strike.


Finished a level without taking any damage.

Let's fly a Kite!

Didn't touch the ground for 15 seconds.


Brought 5 love-touched enemies to the finish line.


Had a Spatank drag the buggy with a grappling hook for 30 seconds.

Make it count

Defeated 18 enemies while a powerup was active.

The Endless 20

Finished 20 levels in Endless mode.

Under Pressure

Finish a level without driving on 'low pressure'.


Finished 10 Hornets with the railgun without missing once.

Muffled up

Finished a level with the buggy at maxed-out hull.

Full Pressure

Finished a level with a buggy at maxed-out pressure capacity.

Tesla's Memorial

Finished a level with a fully upgraded Teslagun and Tesla secondary.

Splosion Buggy

Finished a level with having activated underbody or rear explosives for 20 times.

Pop the Piñata

Let a Sucker suck at least 10 pressure pills before destroying it.

Gotta catch 'em all!

Defeated all enemies in a level (Tutorial excluded).

Pipes laid

Defeat the Riverbed Boss in Level 11.


Defeated the Castle Boss in Level 22.

Count Down

Defeated the Underground Boss in Level 33.

Easy, now…

Finished the campaign on Easy difficulty.


Finished the campaign on Normal difficulty.

The Hard Way

Finished the campaign on Hard difficulty.