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Unlocked Oct 9, 2017 @ 10:47am

One Small Step

Establish a colony
Unlocked Oct 9, 2017 @ 10:47am


Establish a colony on a planet with a primitive species
Unlocked Jul 14 @ 9:24am

Stronger Together

Get a Minor Faction to join your empire

Victory Is Life

Win a tactical battle

Harder Better Faster Stronger

Refit a vessel

Die, Slaver Scum!

Defeat a Marauder base

Free To Be You and Me

Liberate an enslaved population

Liberty Must be Earned

Liberate a Pirate-guarded world

If You Kill Enough of Them, They Stop Fighting

Eliminate a Major Faction

Cure For Star Harpies

Win a space monster engagement

That Which Survives

Establish a colony on a planet with a derelict colony

No More Worlds to Conquer

Win a Conquest Victory

Enemy of My Enemy

Win an Allied Victory

The Needs of the Many

Win a Galactic Council Victory


Successfully invade a planet

We Come in Peace

Destroy a colony with orbital bombardment

That’s No Moon

Build a Dread Star

Cool, I Have My Own Terminator

Build a Super-Dreadnought

Don’t Buy Guns; Hire Men

Hire a mercenary

Nothing Personal

Enslave one of your own race’s population

Foundation of a New Empire

Win as the Ashdar Colonials

Before the Ancient Throne

Win as the Ashdar Imperials

After Earth

Win as Humanity

That is the Sound of Inevitability

Win as the Gremak Empire

We Did It For Science

Win as the Orthin Conference

Triumph of Capitalism

Win as the Phidi Combine

Drive the Enemy Before You

Win as the Yoral Khaganate

Population Boom

Grow a colony to 25 population (that is not Gaia)
13 / 25

The Great Bazaar

Build 6 Markets on one planet
0 / 6


Build 6 Farms on one planet
2 / 6

Delving Greedily and Deep

Build 6 Mines on one planet
3 / 6

Science Paradise

Build 6 Labs on one planet
1 / 6


Build 6 Factories on one planet
2 / 6

Market Penetration

Sign 6 different Trade Charters in one playthrough as the Phidi
0 / 6

Now That’s What I Call an Internet

Sign 6 different Research Agreements in one playthrough as the Orthin
0 / 6

Per Aspera Ad Astra

Colonize 25 planets in one match
2 / 25

Some Like It Hot

Colonize an Inferno world

Prize Ship

Capture an enemy vessel

I Call That Effective

Destroy 100 enemy vessels in one match
0 / 100

An Impressive Fleet

Build 200 vessels in one match
5 / 200

Come With Me if You Want to Live

Assimilate a refugee population

Paradise Found

Discover Gaia


Win a game on Hard difficulty or higher


Win a game on a map with more than 80 stars

No Kill Like Overkill

Build 6 Dread Stars in one match
0 / 6

To Dream of Infrastructure

Build 100 improvements in your empire
12 / 100

A Shining Planet

Colonize a Paradise world

A Harsh Mistress

Colonize a Barren world

Saturn 3

Create an Outpost at a Gas Giant

Information Singularity

Research every standard technology in a single match


Capture the Gremak homeworld as one of the Ashdar factions

There Can Be Only One

Capture Ashdar Prime as the Gremak


Win a Conquest Victory as the Phidi


As the Gremak, perform Experiments on slaves of 6 different races
0 / 6

Imperial Pardon

As the Gremak, convince a Marauder company to join your empire

Seahorse Mafia

As the Phidi, hire mercenaries from 5 different free companies in one match
0 / 5


Win an Allied Victory without eliminating any major factions

Resistance is Futile

Win a game as the Tinkers


Meet the Herald


Harmonize colonists


De-Harmonize colonists


Find and reconnect lost Tinkers refugees

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