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Posted: Jul 13 @ 2:45am

It's my most played game ever. It's great. Has a lot of problems. Like that feature creep with lots of DLCs, or problems with balance.

It's still one of the best games ever made. It has a lot of countries, each with their own agenda. AI and many mechanics are exposed so you see why does someone wants an allience with you or plotting against you. Thus the feeling of grand chessboard play is greater than in any similar game. Also there's no zero-sum game behind it, there's no winner so the game is open-ended. You might have a good time making North American tribe into a small regional power or conquering Europe with France. The game doesn't become trivial (unless you really know what you're doing) due to internal problems caused by conquests; you can't just snowball through the world.

It also has a nice historical flavor. Almost every country has its history described through unique national ideas and special bonuses. Bigger countries have special historical events firing when the conditions are met.

About DLCs: almost all of gameplay ones modify gameplay for everyone (except Third Rome, this one has only features for Russia and I wish every DLC would be as polite). Every DLC also came with a patch that added some new mechanics to the game. Base game assumes you have all DLCs and some features do not work well without them. The game would still be enjoyable but you'd better get expansions for parts of the world you want to play. You'd better get Art of War and Common Sense as they're integrated into base mechanics. You'd want to get further expansions on sale when you get into the game.
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