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[FEEDBACK] Plushy ZED Suits
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Greengamer 2 timer siden 
Excuse me if I ask about this way but will there actually be a Glock pistol in the game? I've read her post where something was in the content and wanted to ask again. I am a very big fan of KF1 and KF2 and I am also a Glock gun fan :) I would really appreciate a positive answer :) (Google translated as I am from Germany and my English is not the best)
Майор Комаров 15. juli @ 9:13 
Can you make military balaclava? With 3 holes.
рокегмап (• _•) 11. juli @ 8:35 
PLS make Neon Horzine Elite Suit :Sadclot:
General Cornwaffle 21. juni @ 19:45 
What, no GEOTUS Trump mask?
bastar89 17. juni @ 6:53 
hello^^ pls what's up with the free MAC 10 Neon skin and when can we access it? :goldengun: :Fleshpound:
McClane 17. juni @ 5:58 
Incredible Vietnam War skins. Especially love the M1911 one. All your mods are incredible too.