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[FEEDBACK] Plushy ZED Suits
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bastar89 Il y a 1 heure 
ok...thank a lot^^ :Horzine:
free drop pool is hard...you need rly much luck :Sadclot:
but unlockable via achievement sounds good :ss13ok:
IJC Development Il y a 1 heure 
@bastar89L: Yes it will be part of the free drop pool. The next free skin will be unockable via an achievement. There was not enough time to link the MAC 10 to an achievement unlock.
bastar89 Il y a 3 heures 
Lord Scio: What, you get a skin just by beeing in the group?
TopDatTopHat: Not necessarily. From what I understand, the skin will be added to the game's random drop pool.

me@IJC Development: Is that right !?
Slayer 14 sept. à 14h56 
your work is amazing! I was wondering if it would be possible for you to do the neon evicerator for the next neon! Thank you !!!:zomthumbup:
IJC Development 10 sept. à 9h36 
We are always happy to get some input from the community. Thank you for posting this idea :}
A Deep Commitment To Konata 2 sept. à 15h00 
I understand you're probably bombarded with requests and whatnot, well instead of requesting I'll just plant the idea. I've been infatuated with your Vietnam Gear sets and can't help but figure it would be perhaps possible: Some old US army fatigues, even if just for Anton Strasser given he seems to have he most compatible build for it.

If nothing else as a callout to one of Tripwire's other titles, Rising Storm 2 Vietnam

I'll go back to my corner now.