[GUMR ZAG] IhateRavioli
Blankity Blankity   Washington, United States
CptnRAS 2013年7月22日下午7:21 
CptnRAS 2013年5月28日下午2:50 
You haven't played Tf2 in a long tine D;
kzen 2011年9月29日下午1:15 
A* Seller! I bought two unusuals from him at a good price :D Awesome Seller +rep
[ICA] b00mb0x 2011年9月29日上午8:55 
A++ Seller. bought 3 bills from him and I went 1st. Received the bills swiftly after. +rep.
kzen 2011年9月29日上午8:52 
Trusted Seller, i went first. Bought 9 buds. Very Smooth Transaction! Highly Recommended :)
CYNICλL 2011年9月28日下午3:45 
Bought buds from this good man, easy and smooth! A++ REP