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minecraft ripoff
I want to fuck the villager from Minecraft.
I want to have sex with the villager from Minecraft. There is something about their sweet, sultry voice that turns me on to no end. I constantly fantasize about using their long, phallic noses as a dildo and ramming it right up my ass into my little prostate. I like to think that the villagers can use their noses as anal probes. I bet when they get horny that their noses inflate and get rock hard to shove right into my little boipussy. I think the new Minecraft villager textures are sexy af. The farmer's short sleeves reveal their strong, well-built muscles and make me even hornier for their tasty villager cock. I have a custom made villager body pillow. I sewed on a big, brown dragon dildo where the nose should be so I can ride it whenever I'm feelin frisky. It is so crusty that it stands up on its own. I had a fantasy last night about the farmer villager pinning me down on his pressure plate table and rammed his rock hard pulsating nose into my ass and straight into my prostate. It felt so real I really wish it was... I have been on several gay dating sites and have tried to get other homosexual men to roleplay as the villager from Minecraft. So far no one has been able to sate my desires and it makes me very angry. Please, Steam, if anyone out here would like to RP as a villager from Minecraft, I would love to get in touch :)

FUCK I WISH VILLAGERS WERE REAL. I have been diagnosed with depression and ADHD and I know it's because I'll never get a long, lustrous villager cock rammed up my tight holes. I hope someday in the future when technology is so advanced that we can transport our conscious into the internet, that I will finally be able to achieve my dreams and have a strong, bulky villager ram his rock hard nose into my ass. Please, PLEASE OH PLEASE ELON MUSK MAKE THIS HAPPEN. If I have to go another DAY without a villager ramming his greasy rock hard nose into my ass I AM GOING TO SCREAM. I WILL HURT PEOPLE. I WILL HURT MYSELF. ELON PLEASE I NEED THIS RIGHT NOW.
NerdCuddles Aug 7 @ 8:29pm 
hurb hurb hurb hurb hurb hurb hurb hurb hurb hurb hurB
soldier Aug 6 @ 1:47pm 
what the ♥♥♥♥
Bewilder Aug 6 @ 1:46pm 
He’s a furry. And this is our furry dimension
hanpo Aug 5 @ 5:37pm 
no seriously who are you
hanpo Jul 2 @ 6:59am 
am i legally allowed to ask who you are
JadenStar10 May 24 @ 11:14am