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First Monster Hunter port on PC ever, so of course there are going to be some issues. The amount of negative reviews not hating on the actual game, but over the connection issues and motion blur is ridiculous. The issues need worked and polished yes but it's not a reason to prevent you from buying the game as the game is also really fun to play singleplayer.

Monster Hunter is a very addictive game that's set to where any newcomer of the series can pick it up without having to play any other Monster Hunter game to get the hang of it. This is currently the only game I come to play at the moment as there is so much to do in the game. the multiplayer for me personally has been working a lot better after last nights update, and so I don't need to complain about that as well as that's what every negative review is based around. The multiplayer makes the game more challenging as the second a 2nd player joins, the monster health is instantly ramped up to 2.5x the normal amount that is would be in single player, and it stays the same for 2,3, or 4 people, which is a little annoying fighting a monster as 2 people that is the same difficult as 4 people. While the game is limited in what you can do, especially during the "story" quest up to HR 15, after that you can pretty much do whatever you like until you reach another hardstuck HR you need to do an assigned quest to get past, which in my opinion is a nice touch of difficulty in the game.

The character creation section is kind of in-depth for any player that like spending a decent time customizing there character, while it is limited to only the face there is a lot of different things you can do to said characters face, and of of course we can't forget the palico customization. Another good thing about MHW is that it's non pay-2-win and the only things you can actually buy with real $ is emotes and hairstyles if you're dying to get one. I have also noticed that capcom is trying to give PC some decent updates while still pleasing the console fanbase. I believed they have fixed most multiplayer issues that were occuring which is a very good sign.

The game has some cons yes, Such as connectivity issues and people not able to run the game, but in my personal opinion the pros outshine the cons. Im not going to go off in-depth with the cons as that's what 99% of the negative reviews are about
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