Mynames Notshane Kid   United Kingdom (Great Britain)
A man of your legendary prowess drinking fffucking rain.

I am bad at tf2 for my amount of hours; I am aware of this.
I am notoriously bad at Sniper so please stand still when I play him.. pretty please?


"A true TF2 friendly is one that accepts those who do not accept him"- Something Somethingdor

I've said "epic" ironically so much that I've started to say it unironically.

I would say Spy is still my main class, but I don't play him much in Titan Fall 2

I main da spo0py Michael Myers in DeaD bYDaylIght

I won't shoot you in Secret Laboratory under these conditions- You are not an opposing faction (D boys are always spared if I have a gun unless I am instructed to), you don't have a gun yourself, you don't steal my stuff, you don't close doors behind you when multiple people are getting chased. Disobeying or trying to pull a fast one on me will also get you shot.

In my personal opinion if you're friendly, you shouldn't complain or fight back as having a server where people leave you be is tolerance from them, and is not something you're entitled to. If you're friendly, I'll leave you be, but you attack someone then you are not friendly in my eyes and I have every right to kill you- even if that person is the one constantly killing you while friendly. IDM forming truces with people, but if the game gets stale I'll probably insist we break it.

Imagine not maining R.O.B. in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

12 is the coolest and luckiest number in all of numbers. 12 is a good number, you should like the number 12... god it's such a cool number.

Don't forget to subscribe to the official Doctor Who Youtube Channel


Very persistent, here's a reward! :penny:

Nintendo Switch: SW-2149-3782-8600
Origin: VaDec10
Epic games: VaDec10 (I use this like once a century)
Steam: VD10 (inform me if you have trouble finding this)
Minecraft(?): Cactus_Violator
Town of Salem: heroflame


Stop scrolling down you bleedin' drumstick.
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VD10 Mar 24 @ 12:18pm 
As in you want to 1v1 or you were 1v1ing me?
ilMafiosoDiMonika Mar 24 @ 12:09pm 
go 1v1 lol
VD10 Mar 24 @ 12:00pm 
Interesting, would you like to elaborate what was making me come across as a tryhard?
ilMafiosoDiMonika Mar 24 @ 11:49am 
-rep bad tryhard
Your Mums Onlyfans Mar 10 @ 5:52am 
You held me at gun point and told me to pull a knife out so that you could remove your foreskin again, you said it was your kink, Psychologically I am not OK.
VD10 Mar 7 @ 12:37pm 
You held me at knife point and forced me to masturbate in front of you, it was a violation of my character and I have never recovered from it since.