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*R.I.P. Flo Higginson-Ford the Cockatiel, February, 2012-January 31, 2017. She will always be missed.*


PortableNiche sums up Denuvo flawlessly in this tweet.

Discord worries: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_CUjdxOUEfs

If your proprietary chat service is advertised with gamers, memes and edginess in mind, you can get away with every unethical practice that are in Kik, Skype, Hangouts and other proprietary services.

Nerdgasm explains Windows 10 S perfectly: https://youtu.be/xlWwIBwExaI


Note to people who are new here: If you're just some nobody out in the wild, you can add me. Just give me a valid reason for doing so. Don't add me exclusively for trades, because I don't. I also change my name frequently (usually to topics of interest) so set a nickname up on my profile and you're good to go. I reject all private profiles (to protect myself from scammers if anyone is not familiar). However, if you're a friend or acquaintance of mine and have a private profile them DM me (preferably on a server for a free/libre chat application) and I'll add you. If you're curious on how to get the Steam Signature on the signatures of some of the forum accounts I have then go get them here. [steamsignature.com]

I do stuff. That's it. Just stuff. So explore my poorly developed stuff now.

Console Accounts:

Xbox Live: ThatQuakeFan
Sony Entertainment Network/PlayStation Network: ThatQuakeFan
Nintendo Network: LlewellenDoubleP
Nintendo 3DS Friend Code: 2036-9366-9540

Other PC gaming service accounts:

GOG.com : LellyTheTeapot
Origin: MrPainless2001
Uplay: ThatQuakeFan
Battle.net : ChewingNoses#1160
Epic Games: PainlessPentagram
Rockstar Games Social Club: LolwellunTeapot
ROBLOX: LlewellenDoubleP

Consoles I own:

Xbox *
Xbox 360*
Xbox One
PlayStation 2*
PlayStation 3*
PlayStation Vita
Wii U
Nintendo DS
Nintendo DSi
New Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo Switch
Nintendo 64*

*at alternative house

Chat Accounts:

Riot.im: lolwellunteapot
GNU Ring: lolwellunteapot
Mumble: LolwellunTeapot
Tox: LellySexyTeapot [toxme.io]
Skype*: live.llewellenf
Discord*: LolwellunTeapot#0908
Google Hangouts*: Llewellen Higginson-Ford (LolwellunTeapot)
Steam Chat*: Right here!
LINE*: LolwellunTeapot
PlayStation Messages*: ThatQuakeFan

*Non-free chat program. Alternatives here: https://prism-break.org/en/categories/windows/#video-voice
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Rants and other poorly developed stuff
Check my Twitter for more rants. This text box has a strict character limit.

Discord worries:

Discord is already pointless. [linustechtips.com]
Discord is just as bad as Skype.

Then there's the censorship.

Discord is heavily unsafe and insecure (and H&C don't care).

Use free/libre [www.fsf.org] replacements like {LINK REMOVED} and GNU Ring. [ring.cx]

Intel, AMD, and the evil of modern x86 processors

Despite the "freedom" [www.fsf.org] narrative that many PC gamers like to speak out, Intel and AMD, the two leaders of mainstream desktop processors and the only few developers of x86-64 processors for PCs, are very uncooperative when it comes to preserving freedom, as well as security for it's users.

Intel processors since 2006 included an extra subsystem known as Intel ME, which is not only uses non-free code but is also very insecure. [www.coreboot.org] In other words, Intel (and potential crackers) own the processor you brought and not you. AMD is also guilty of the same thing with it's own PSP subsystem. [libreboot.org] Both Intel ME and AMD PSP are intergrated in such a way that they cannot be removed and are essential to the system.

Unfortunately, Intel cannot release the source code for ME because of licensed code from other companies, like Express Logic's ThreadX. Also unfortunately, AMD has no plans to publicly release PSP code as libre software [yro.slashdot.org], as well as defending their decision. [news.slashdot.org]

So what can I do about this, you may ask?

Firstly, completely avoid modern Intel processors because of the security issues mentioned above. While AMD's newer processors maybe better for security, they are far from perfect. [libreboot.org]

Secondly, when searching for a motherboard that supports x86 processors, use one that supports Coreboot [www.coreboot.org] or it's derivitive, Libreboot. [libreboot.org] The latter is better because it doesn't use any non-free firmware to boot, but less hardware supports it.

Although Libreboot may not have Windows support, if the motherboard supports IOMMU, have a processor supports AMD-Vi or Intel VT-d and have two GPUs (Integrated graphics should also count as GPUs), you can use GNU/Linux, run Windows through virtualization software (like QEMU/KVM) and use your graphics card with PCI Passthrough. This also means that you can use Windows 10 without any security concerns if you only use it to play video games, [wiki.installgentoo.com] with next to no performance drops.

Purism and System76 computers might be good if you're looking for a more modern Intel processor with ME disabled, but they still have major security flaws. [libreboot.org]

If you're a power user (or just have alot of money) then consider looking forward to the completely libre Talos II [www.raptorcs.com], which uses IBM POWER9 processors instead of locked down x86 processors.

If you were going to ask if it can run Crysis, then QEMU/KVM is supported on little endian POWER processors, which can emulate Intel processors up to Skylake, and also support IOMMU, which means in theory, games designed for x86 processors can run on a Talos II. Since it's not out yet, we are yet to know how fast the emulation will be. Considering it's mainly designed for power users and sysadmins, it's unlikely that the $2400 dollar plunge for an EATX mobo, a POWER9 CPU and HSF [secure.raptorcs.com] would be worth it, unless IBM starts making consumer grade PowerPC processors based on newer POWER processors (which will most likely never happen).

Hopefully VIA's upcoming x86 processors [overclock3d.net] don't fall under the same trap that Intel and AMD fell in.

Revised Denuvo argument

I was wrong. Denuvo does not disable modding and patches. Tales of Berseria and Just Cause 3 [just-cause.mp] is proof of this.

This doesn't mean Denuvo isn't problematic.

- Denuvo isn't compatible with WINE. [appdb.winehq.org]
- Activation is a fucking mess. Limited activations, your activation resets if you change BIOS settings, computer components, or (alledgedly) even Windows updates and fresh installs of GPU drivers.
-Backups affected by the activation problem above.
- Denuvo made it harder for Just Cause 3 Multiplayer devs to develop a debug program for the JC3 mod. [community.nanos.io] Same applies to modifying other Denuvo-activated executables.
-Offline mode is more broken than Steam's offline mode. Subject to the same activation reset problem above and need to reactivate online. Even heard that it resets for staying offline for a week or two (which is, of course, another allegation).
- Denuvo's design is utterly broken and ironically pro-piracy. [archive.fo]
-Objective arguments against Denuvo: https://everythingdenuvo.wordpress.com/

Computer Specs:

Main desktop computer:

OS: Manjaro GNU/Linux (Net-Edition) & Windows 10 Home (Recommend using this [www.oo-software.com] to partly disable the spyware.)

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600

GPU: Gigabyte Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 ITX (Brought an ITX because it's the only thing Centre Com had when I got there.)

RAM: Avexir Core 8GB DDR4-2400

Motherboard: Gigabyte AB350M-D3H AM4 (Yes, I never knew there existed an ATX and a Micro-ATX.)

Monitor: Acer X223W

Case: Thermaltake Core X31

Accessories: Steelseries 6Gv2 Keyboard, Razer Naga Mouse, Thermaltake Headset


HP Envy 15 (Ubuntu MATE 15.10 and Windows 10)
Dell Latitude D620 (Trisquel 7.0)
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